Analysts indicate that Uganda under President Museveni is heading to unknown destination due to President Museveni’s mismanagement of state affairs and continued failure to adjust to the changing environment. Indeed, President Museveni no longer differentiates the state and himself. In one of his remarks, President Museveni openly declared that he is not a servant or an employee of anybody but a person who fights for himself and his beliefs. “I am not an employee. I hear some people saying that I am their servant; I am not a servant of anybody, President Museveni declared, backtracking from his 1986 inaugural speech in which he said the government must be a servant of citizens.

Such a misguided statement is a reflection of how dictatorial President Museveni has become leave alone the governance errors he is making day by day. Indeed, President Museveni has personalized state security apparatus with security institutions becoming a rubber stamp for the President thereby implementing his orders without question.

Although it is a well-known fact worldwide that security institutions are responsible for securing lives and property of the citizens, Uganda’s security institutions have on the contrary become instruments of torture and more brutal than Amin’s infamous intelligence outfit, the State Research Bureau. In fact, Amin’s State Research Bureau only targeted those opposing the regime but Museveni’s security institutions are targeting innocent civilians especially Rwandans who have nothing to do with the accusations leveled against them. Surprisingly, human rights organizations have decided to keep a deaf ear to the ongoing atrocities committed by Ugandan security apparatus at least by pointing a finger to the ongoing arrests and torture of innocent civilians.

The acts of destabilization of Rwanda by President Museveni have been high on agenda despite the continued failure of this strategy for the last 22 years without lessons learnt thereof. The destabilization agenda by President Museveni since 1997 was aimed at not only creating power structures in Kigali managed by stooges of Kampala including the likes of Kayumba Nyamwasa and late Patrick Karegeya but also make Rwanda a region of Uganda under President Museveni’s control and not necessarily to develop Rwanda, but rather to serve his political ego.

It is therefore not surprising to see Uganda today grouping rebels from RNC and FDLR, and other subversive groups, with the objective to create an alternative government that is a stooge to President Museveni. Ugandan political elite, especially President Museveni, has not come to terms with the fact that Rwanda is a sovereign state with structures that are not run on personal sentiments but rather based on the interests of the Rwandan people.

The Great Lakes Eye assesses that President Museveni’s continued support to Rwandan subversive groups could in the end lead to his downfall as this has seriously dented his image both internally and internationally. This assessment is also reinforced by intelligence assessment of global trends by international experts which have projected that Uganda is at high risk of becoming a failed state in the near future because of her involvement in regional destabilization activities especially targeting Rwanda and DRC, which has the potential to backfire in the long term.

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