Noble Marara in hopeless campaign against genocide survivors

Noble Marara, a UK based RNC propagandist and owner of Inyenyeri News line, has come up with an article tarnishing Rwanda and its leader President Paul Kagame. In his article, he claimed the dissatisfaction of Rwanda genocide survivors. He alleged that their wellbeing and safety were not guaranteed.

Misleading Rwandans with lies and hateful words is Marara’s aim. He’s ignorant of the support that Rwanda genocide survivors have been receiving right from accommodation to health care. The Fund for the Support of Genocide Survivors (FARG) was established to support in education, health, social protection and others. Since 1998, 107,489 students have been assisted with Rwf 84.8 billion to complete secondary school whereas 33,349 students have been assisted to complete bachelor’s degree at a cost of Rwf 89.7 billion and most of them have gotten jobs.

With 1535 beneficiaries grouped in 152 income generating cooperatives/ associations in order to share experience from one another and help them take part in their own development, the Association of Genocide widows AGAHOZO (AVEGA) has also built houses for many widows and orphans and has provided about 13,000 of its members with shelter.  About 47,000 widows receive medical treatment through AVEGA, including regular medical care and regular home visits for those suffering from aids.

Marara also alleged issues between Rwanda and the neighboring countries including Kenya. For his clarification, Rwanda and Kenya has the best relation which is more of a brotherly relationship. Being less informed and less educated about what’s happening in the region, the propagandist ignores that Burundi has its own internal issues which Rwanda is not involved at all.

Rwanda and DRC have also joined hands for the development and peace building of the two countries and the region as well. This has been a pain for RNC since it faced total failure during the battle with DRC army. The conflicts between Rwanda and Uganda came up after Ugandan security agencies abduct and torture innocent Rwandans after their refusal to be recruited in RNC terrorist group. Tanzania and Rwanda have also great relationship with common goals of economically develop the two countries.

Marara and all the RNC misinformation specialists and all their backers can keep attempting to distort the facts about Rwanda. They will fail, as usual. Facts are stubborn things.

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