Rumor-mongering Kayumba fresh lies on Rwanda Day

The rumor monger Kayumba Nyamwasa has expressed his jealousness about the Rwanda Day. He claimed that Rwanda Day which was supposed to take place in Germany on 24th August 2019 was cancelled by Bonn due to complaints of dissidents in Germany.

Being known of publishing information with no sources, fugitive Kayumba has decided to mislead his audience by claiming the cancellation of Rwanda Day in Germany yet it was postponed to a date that will be communicated by the Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. His wish is to see Rwanda fail which will never come to reality.

The terrorist has become a rumor monger with a proven record of just inventing stuff, a spreader of lies and an immoral speaker whose aim is to mislead Rwandans by feeding them hateful words.  Since his immense loss in DRC, Kayumba has become helpless and all his hope is to get a few followers on his Facebook account that he will try to manipulate.

Good enough, Rwandans have opened their eyes to differentiate who will lead them towards prosperity and that that will destroy them and the country. With almost no likes and comments, the fugitive is left hopeless and miserable to the extent that he can’t differentiate between cancelling and postponing.  We can however advise him to concentrate on licking his wounds, his terrorist forces having been routed in eastern Congo recently.

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