CMI’s Commandpost and its night dancers

Commandpost, the Uganda Military Intelligence, CMI, controlled troll site is outdoing even themselves spreading toxic rumors about the health of Rwandan Foreign Minister Richard Sezibera. This time they’ve come up with the kind of headline that would be written by a vulture. “Is Rwandan Foreign Minister Dr. Sezibera Dead?” Commandpost asks.

Obviously they have some night dancers (in the traditional sense of some Ugandan communities) at Commandpost writing articles.

The troll site began its spree of malicious rumors earlier this week on all their media platforms – website and Twitter account which also are the mouthpieces of fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa and his terrorist RNC. Sezibera is “admitted in critical condition after poisoning”, they claimed while offering no evidence.

The propaganda mouthpieces of Kampala think that none-stop dissemination of rumors about Rwanda will for instance drive attention away from the many unresolved murder cases perpetrated by their heinous intelligence agencies. They think that by writing smears about Rwanda, Ugandans will forget the recent kidnappings and killings, illegal abductions and detentions of its own nationals – the Ziggy Wines, the Kibalamas, the Kabuletas and so many others.

Commandpost is not the only one involved in the slanders about Sezibera. Some so-called doctor turned CMI and RNC mouthpiece Rukundo Rugari is not left behind. Neither is some group that’s cropped out of nowhere to call itself Sezibera’s Makerere alumni friends. They suddenly care more about the Minister than the derelict “healthcare system” of Uganda.

Instead of focusing on their claimed profession while helping tackle the nightmare that most Ugandan hospitals are, they are busy engaged in rumors and feigning concern for someone whose country they are avowed enemies of. They will be left with pie on their face at the end of it all.

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