Terrorist Kayumba getting more jealous

Driven by jealousy, fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa does not cease attacking Rwandan leaders especially Gen James Karebe. For many occasions, the terrorist has falsely accused Gen Kabarebe, talked ill using hateful words, forged stories among others. No single day he has provided proof for his allegations which turns all these stories into lies. He is a specialist in misleading..

In only 2 weeks, fugitive Kayumba published 3 articles about Gen James Kabarebe. All of them are forged stories full of hatred words. He publishes them under his Facebook account “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere”. On 8th, the fugitive alleged that Gen James Kabarebe was under Presidential guard control. He also claimed that his security and movement were under watchful eye of the presidential guard. On 13th, he claimed that Gen Kabarebe was involved in selling black market weapons to various militia-Mai Mai groups. In the comments he received, his followers told him how unserious he is to come up with such allegations.

The latest forgery story was published today 18th of August. In the story, hopeless Kayumba alleged that the General does not leave his house without the permission of Brig Gen Willy Rwagasana. As usual nothing to prove these allegations was presented.

All these stories show how much Kayumba Nyamwasa envies Gen James Kabarebe. He is eaten up by the fact that Gen Kabarebe has successfully held a high military position that the terrorist once had but misused. The use of hateful words has become the only way for terrorist Kayumba to control his jealousness.

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