Museveni Left The Key To Rwandan Trade In Luanda!

After the signature of the Luanda MoU, Ugandans are still waiting for Museveni to unlock the trade blocked by his hostile policies towards Rwanda. John Nagenda a close advisor to Museveni begs Rwanda with a “Come on Rwanda, open the door”. Nagenda writes that the key is with Rwanda and if the said key was misplaced then a trip to the ‘key-maker’ should do the trick. But if we considered that one cannot trade with some Rwandans while holding other Rwandans in torture dungeon, it becomes clear that it is, in fact, Museveni that misplaced the key in Kampala before traveling to Angola.

Museveni’s trip to Luanda was a trip to the ‘key-maker’, he was surprised to know that door was actually operated with a combination rather than a physical key. With the MoU, Museveni was given the combination to normalize trade and people’s movement. Nagenda and others constantly mislead and confuse Museveni to a point that seventy-five-year-old keeps forgetting the combination.

An Ad Hoc commission headed by each country’s foreign ministers and comprised of the ministers of internal Administration and the Heads of Intelligence was to be created, this would help Museveni by reminding him of the secret code to opening trade; restoring free movement of goods and people. The Independent, a Uganda newspaper, rightly points out that the Ugandan side might pose a problem implementing the MoU. With Anti-Rwandan hardliners such Col. Frank Kaka Bagyenda and Brig. Gen. Abel Kandiho to respectively head the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) poised to be part of the Ad Hoc Commission, it might be a tall order to expect any constructive advice from them to Museveni.

Both heads of intelligence are at the forefront of in the persecution against Rwandans, together they hold hundreds of innocent Rwandans and so far, there is no indication that they will stop their hunt for innocent Rwandans. There are credible sources that indicate that for every Rwandan captured, ISO and CMI receive special funds per Rwandan under their secretive detention. Kidnapping Rwandans – given that they are never charged – is therefore a source of wealth and an opportunity to embezzle unaudited intelligence funds.

It is inconceivable that Museveni or his supporters would assume that Rwanda would lift its travel advisory when hundreds of its citizens are still languishing in illegal, secret detention facilities run by the dreaded of Uganda Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence. Instead endlessly looking over to see if Rwandans have come back to trade, simply ask Museveni to implement the Luanda MoU. That’s the key, the code, and the password.

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