Himbara Blows His Cover For His Traitorous Boss Kayumba Nyamwasa!

David Himbara the weed smoker, who constantly masquerades as a ‘democracy activist’ and regularly makes media appearances as a ‘specialist’ on Rwanda, has just showed his true RNC colors.

His RNC boss’s secrets, Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, have just been aired in the open, Himbara, the RNC Chief Propagandist jumped to the rescue. The revelations were aired by none other than Gen. James Kabarebe, who ironically the propagandist has been defaming as a person under house arrest.

Well, Gen. Kabarebe is not under house arrest and he has just given real insight into who Terrorists Kayumba really is; a treacherous cow thief! The RNC Leader’s path riddled with cowardliness and treachery. The insight hit Himbara’s nuclear button!

With all the slander RNC propaganda launches almost on a daily basis against Kabarebe and the entire country’s leadership, an authoritative reality check on their real nature was overdue.

The truth might hurt, but it should not be taken as an insult. Himbara works for a traitorous fugitive turned terrorist. The propagandist can put all the lipstick on a pig, it will still be one! The propagandist is probably wondering how to contain what in reality is already public knowledge.

Gen. Kabarebe, in retrospect, was very reserved and only provided background information to an already public fact. The fugitive RNC leader orchestrated a wave of grenade attacks targeting bus stops and other civilian public gatherings. He still holds a record in land grabbing, as for his selfishness still evident in his RNC fund embezzlement.

While he lures others to certain death in mercenary missions in Congo and elsewhere, he siphons their money to buy a supermarket in South Africa, and a transport company in Mozambique. While he lures others to the battlefield, he buys a fancy phone to Facebook with, in total safety and luxury.

The fact is he fights and offers nothing but a fictitious name he invented. That’s why Himbara comes out in full swing, exposing his true colors. His bread earning brand has been tarnished with facts. Gen. James Kabarebe challenged traitorous Kayumba to name one achievement on the battlefield.

As the Museveni and Ankle-Beeps Rujugiro sponsored propagandist usually ends his payed slander, “Over to you weed smoker!”

By Alain Mucyo

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