Did Titus Seruga and CMI’s Foretell or Premeditate An Assassination?

Tragedy strikes again in crime-ridden Uganda, with news of another gruesome assassination.

Two persons one identified as Maya Kamukazi Florence and another identified as Joshua Rugyera Nteireho were gunned down on the Entebbe Express highway. Predictably, the Belgium-based CMI tool Titus Seruga is blaming Rwanda on his Facebook page.

But first, Seruga claims he knew all about the assassination – before it happened! Seruga writes, “I told you assassins had entered Uganda!” Of course the implication is they were “sent by Rwanda”.

But Seruga is a known paid tool of Ugandan intelligence agencies Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence agency (CMI), and Internal Security Organisation (ISO). His job is to incessantly peddle anti-Rwanda misinformation – a case in point being his lie in the wake of news of the assassinations on Entebbe Expressway.

How is it possible that with all the information Seruga says he had, Ugandan security agencies failed to protect the dead individuals?, one asks. It simply does not add up, as is usual with the CMI tool’s utterances. The fact is that it is “the Mafias” he works for that are killing people.

One can be certain it is CMI and SFC behind the deaths of Kamukazi and Nteireho, going by the evidence of Seruga’s utterances predicting that people were going to be assassinated only three days before the act. Seruga must know more.

CMI (and SFC) through their online mouthpieces now find it necessary to apportion blame to Rwanda in advance of their crimes, a transparent scheme easily exposed through their self-incrimination by announcing killings before they happen. The fact is, CMI, ISO, SFC and the like have been behind a growing wave of assassinations and murders.

Ugandans cannot be easily fooled because they have come to know the Mafias in their midst very well. When Hon. Evelyn Anite mentions their plans to kill her, everyone knows she speaks truth. When Kabuleta points at their machinations and crimes, it is clear as daylight. When they sell the children of Ugandans to go die in Arab countries, how is that different from the numerous kidnaps for money that they mastermind?

Their propagandists online can cry and point fingers at Rwanda, but the truth is known.

After 33 years of criminal misrule they can mislead no one, however much they shout “Rwanda!”

Museveni was busy in South Africa a few days ago claiming, “Uganda is the safest country in the region”.

But his security agencies only show he is a killer worse than Idi Amin!

Also when they aren’t killing people themselves; Ugandan security are dismal failures at protecting innocent citizens, such as Maria Nagirinya. This is the young social worker that was kidnapped in the night of 28, last month, snatched in full view of a relative who promptly informed the police.

Even with the vaunted cameras in place, no security agency worked fast to try to apprehend the kidnappers in time.

Now news is coming in that a Kampala lawyer, Bony Akol has been kidnapped.

Next day, who knows who will be snatched?

This is the Ugandan President’s so worker “safest country in the region!”

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