Entebbe Express Highway Murder Update.

Police Reveal Ugandan Victims and Suspect Identity

Image result for uganda police spokesman

The Murder on Entebbe Express highway has taken another twist with the Ugandan Police issuing an even more confusing statement. The murder is turning into a typical Museveni era murder with all the hallmarks of hype and confusion that follow now frequent murders in Uganda. With the initial reports indicating that the victim was a Rwandan “VIP” lady and her “bodyguard”, it turns up that none of the initial facts are correct as circulated by anti-Rwandan forces.

The police now state that there were three passengers in the car, with two occupants killed, the third one, Taremwa Davis a police officer attached to counter-terrorism, is under arrest for investigation. Their version drastically changes the plot, the “VIP” lady’s name changed from Princess Kamikazi to Maya Kamukazi Florence and finally to Tumukunde Merina. Her husband, Mark Rugyenza confirmed her identity, she is a Ugandan national.

The statement contradicts all previous statements by Titus Seruga and other Anti-Rwandan sponsored outlets that were trying to shift blame to Rwanda. What is becoming clear is that Joshua Rugyera Nteireho, one of the victims whose late mother is said to be Museveni’s cousin, the wife of a businessman, Tumukunde Merina, have been killed and a police officer in counter-terrorism David Taremwa who was with them at the time placed under arrest for investigation.

The relationship between Nteireho and Tumukunde is still unclear, but the saga will not be put to rest anytime soon given the constant desperate attempts to drag Rwanda in the Ugandan insecurity mess.

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