Who Is The Mysterious VIP Woman Killed On Entebbe Express Highway?

Two people were gruesomely assassinated on Entebbe Expressway last night. On the Entebbe express highway, an unnamed “VIP” was murdered sparking speculation. Officially, the storyline given is as follows; Maya Kamukazi Florence, the VIP, was murdered along with her bodyguard one Joshua Rugyera Nteireho. Very little is known from the said “VIP” but social media information indicates that her “bodyguard” was not ordinary Ugandan.

Joshua Rugyera Nteireho, the alleged bodyguard posing with Lt. Gen Muhoozi, son of President Museveni

On his Facebook page, Nteireho can be seen posing with members of the first family of Uganda. In one post, he even refers to the President’s brother as “Uncle” sparking speculation that he might be more than an ordinary “bodyguard”. More so, he is said to have been the owner of a micro-finance business and is seen posing with piles of cash probably promoting his micro-finance business. If Nteireho was a bodyguard, he was no ordinary one protecting normal “VIP”. Clearly, he would be assigned a “VVIP”.

The identity of the lady was initially confused to Princess Kamikazi but later revealed to be Maya Kamukazi Florence. The initial reporter on the scene on twitter, reputed to be very close to the Museveni Family, @canarymugume had not recognized the VIP and indicated that the initial police opinion was that shots came from inside the car. So who is the illusive VIP protected by such a high-profile “bodyguard”?

A famous Ugandan Facebook, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga linked the car to the President’s son and advisor, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, others speculating that the lady killed might have been a VIP’s wife or girlfriend. At the crime scene, the Ugandan police was overcrowed by SFC (Presidential Guard) agents and senior officers. Horribly and without dignity, the bodies of the “VIP” and the bodyguard could be seen bundled in the back of a police truck. The video depicted a chaotic scene, with tens of soldiers handling the deceased some with gloves others with their bare hands. A VIP would have received a more dignified handling, even non VIPs get better handling of their mortuary remains. Was the police under pressure to clear the crime scene?

Screenshot of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga Facebook Post

There are key questions that comes to mind, especially given Canary Mugume thesis that shots can from inside the car. Was there a third person in the car, was there a real VIP that might have something to do with these gruesome murders? And the presence of statehouse Uganda friendly media, quickly followed by SFC (Presidential Guard) is too much of a coincidence.       

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