Now Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa Pretends To Be A Congolese Patriot

Kayumba Nyamwasa via his usual hate-speech Facebook page “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” constantly writes mind baffling post on ‘patriotism in Congo’. Amazingly, the traitor writes about a Congolese General who he claims is no longer serving Congo. A fugitive from Rwanda, the terrorist is based in South Africa but enjoys support from the President of Uganda whom he recently called a very close friend in an interview on his RNC terrorist YouTube channel.

The RNC leader and his Ugandan supporter has vested interest in Congo, well documented in a UN panel of Expert report (Link to the UN group of expert report). For years they setup in eastern Congo a web of mercenaries and terror groups to plunder DR Congo’s riches. It is now that their network has been disrupted with scores of RNC members arrested or neutralized that their leader begins to write about Congo patriotism. RNC senior so-called commanders such as, Mudasir Habib were paraded on the mainstream and social media. (Link to detailed story on VirugaPost)  

It is amusing to see a terrorist who betrayed his country receiving foreign assistance lecture anyone on patriotism. His interference in Congolese affaires has no limits, he even once complained that the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Congolese Army travelled to Eastern Congo.

Unable to achieve his (and his sponsors’) goal of destabilizing Rwanda, he spews hate and divisions in the region hoping that a chaotic region would enable him to plant a base in the region. The region has addressed this maneuvers with the Luanda MoU, Museveni promised to stop supporting, financing and training destabilizing forces such as the RNC or the FDLR. Unfortunately, ever since its signature last month, the 75-year-old ruler of Uganda has made no indication that he will honor it.

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