CMI Sponsored Spyreport Defames Recently Released Rwandans

Spyreport, one of the numerous Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) controlled media outlet, commented with an inflammatory publication targeting 32 innocent Rwandans released following illegal incarceration on concocted charges of illegal entry. Shamelessly, instead of advising their sponsor to publish apologies letters or simply to remain quiet about the cruel ordeal that Rwandans suffered at their hand, Spyreport opts for the CMI breadcrumbs payouts. It attempts to throw suspicion of on the released.

To call their publication that insinuates that the 32 released were spies is as absurd as their previous articles denying that CMI detained incommunicado hundreds of Rwandans without trial. The only way their argument and false suspicion would hold any waters would be if espionage turned out to be a crime that the Ugandan courts are incapable of handling. Why else would an accused person not be produced in a courtroom to face a prosecutor and a judge?

Innocent Rwandans released by CMI

The released Rwandans endured prolonged detention with no access to their families or lawyers or consular services. Most of them probably will carry trauma from torture and all kinds of physical abuse, suffered because either their torturers thought they could get some information from them, or they were trying to forcefully recruit them for the RNC terror group.

Their military intelligence does not respect international or national law, even the Ugandan parliament has found it impossible to pressure them into respecting basic law. Faced with a situation where CMI hunted and kidnapped Rwandans, the government of Rwanda took immediate and decisive action to protect its citizens. It further deployed considerable pressure and diplomatic effort to rescue its citizens that had already fallen in CMI custody. Yesterday, 32 out of hundreds illegally incarcerated in secret cells were released.

Spyreport and all other CMI sponsored media outlets are understandably embarrassed as their constant claim that no Rwandans are held in Uganda have been exposed vindicating the Rwandan Government. Spyreport should take the courage to advise its sponsor to quickly release all other Rwandans held. They should google “Agaciro” or ask one of their RNC / FDLR associated to translate, Rwanda clearly cares for each and every one of its citizens.

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