FDU-Inkingi And RNC Ridiculous Propaganda Fail

The anti-Rwanda propaganda machine is speeding ahead doing their best with smears to pin the alleged murder of one Syridio Dusabumuremyi upon the Rwandan administration.

They are trying to their best, as they usually do with no proof and no evidence, to pin a death on the Government of Rwanda claiming with their usual hyperbole that it is a “political assassination”.

But who is Sylidio Dusabumuremyi? The man was the attendant of a canteen in the Shyongwe Health Center of Muhanga District. The Rwanda Investigation Bureau has released initial information saying the man was stabbed to death, and two suspects already have been released.

But without waiting for RIB to complete its work, convicted genocide denier, and inciter of violence Ingabire Victoire has jumped in with the claim that Dusabumuremyi “the national coordinator of FDU-Inkingi was assassinated”. She of course implies it is the government. Ingabire Victoire – the same person that last year provisionally was released from prison – only was interested in slandering the administration. https://www.newtimes.co.rw/news/kizito-mihigo-victoire-ingabire-get-presidential-pardon

The likes of Judi Rever, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi, Kayumba Nyamwasa (using the Facebook pseudonym “RPF Gakwerere”), and many other members of the array of anti-Rwanda alliances are gleefully disseminating the baseless slander. They are doing so none stop.

Dusabumuremyi, died less than twenty-four hours ago – what investigation has these people conducted?

Those spreading the rumor don’t care about such details obviously. The main point is mudslinging the leadership of Rwanda at the slightest opportunity, mainly through invented situations. As they usually do, they have mobilized their entire networks for this.

However the question any sober person will ask is: what is so special about Dusabumuremyi? If the FDU boss herself is busy (and free) tweeting about the fellow’s death; if in fact several FDU people are in Kigali and elsewhere going about their lives, what’s so different about a village man running a canteen catering to patients?

There is nothing, except the wishful propaganda of the negativists to pin a crime on the state – something they’ve failed to do so many times, because facts are never on their side.

In any case, an observer asked, is there no criminality in the countries of the likes of Judi Rever, Sulah Wakabirigi and others? Don’t people get murdered in Canada? Of course Uganda under Museveni has become a crime den, so one wonders where a fellow like Nuwamanya Wakabirigi, a CMI propagandist gets the guts to write anything considering where he is!

But they will always persist with their laughable claims against Rwanda.

Nuwamanya, Nyamwasa, Rever et al are reeling after their utter defeat in their futile efforts to destabilize Rwanda. They have nothing else but to mudsling Rwanda with every ordinary criminal incident.

They will fail again!

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