Weed Smoking Himbara and Fake Alarms

By Alain Mucyo

The RNC propagandist in Chief and heavy weed smoker is once again claiming there are death squads after him. David Himbara is either a pathological attention seeker, an easily panicked terrorist movement member, or both.

This is probably the tenth time he does so since he and RNC started their terrorist movement aimed at destabilizing Rwanda. Every year, twice or three times, he jumps on social media and claims to have proven that his life is in mortal danger. (Link to a false alarm in 2015)

He particularly panics when one of his allies in the terrorist enterprise falls, whenever a terrorist is arrested or is killed. Just this year, one remembers Himbara writing about his personal fictional worries when one Callixte Nsabimana was arrested. Nsabimana, a P5 terrorist member, had not even made a court appearance when Himbara began the “My-life-is-in-danger” alarmist song. (Link to false alarm after Nsabimana arrest)

Not long after, when top RNC commanders were neutralized in East Congo, the propagandist replayed his song. The so-called ‘Capt.’ Simbomana died on their Eastern Congo front while ‘Maj’ Habib wounded and captured; these were the two of most senior RNC militia leaders in RNC. 

More recently, and probably the cause of the recent false alarms, RNC allies in FDLR lost their overall commanding officer, Sylvester Mudacumura. Once again, Himbara attempts to divert with pseudo-threats or possibly hides a more cynical approach. The possibility that Himbara, a renowned attention seeker, just doesn’t like headline other than the one he dictates might be strategic.

The RNC propagandist must be worried about possible legal implications to the arrest of so many of his associates in a terrorist enterprise. The mounting evidence of his personal involvement in criminal activities must worry him about potential terrorism charges and thus he launches more fake death threats. 

To do this, he can count on illegal immigrants who will volunteer to use his fiction to apply for political asylum in exchange for false testimony. Whether these fake Himbara alerts are cheap theatrics to steal the show, defense strategies or both is hard to tell. So far, the only certainty is that the timing of this fake alert always coincides with news of a serious setback in the Anti-Rwanda terrorist enterprise

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