Greed-driven Nyamwasa projects his greed on everybody

Self-serving Kayumba Nyamwasa aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere projects his greed upon the Rwandan head of state in his latest slander against the latter

The RNC fugitive fabricates lie after lie about Rwandan leaders. Today, he is projecting embezzling and plundering resources on others. Yet, the egomaniacal terrorist is the one embezzling RNC money to keep injecting into his private businesses like his supermarket in Pretoria, and his trucking businesses in Mozambique.

Driven by greed, fugitive Kayumba cannot seem to hold any long term partnership whatsoever. He has resorted to eliminating anybody in his way whether they shared the same goal or not as long as they demand accountability.

The terrorist has failed to even produce the body of his fellow criminal Ben Rutabana, whom he has recently killed – just because the later was demanding accountability, and accusing him of severe corruption and theft of RNC money.

He wants to be the leader and sole beneficiary of RNC, but quick to lure other people’s children at the battlefield to fight his battles while he sits comfortably in South Africa.

The egomaniac has always failed to know what patriotism is, thus thinking that everyone is as greedy as him. Demented Nyamwasa forgets that it is the same greed that drove him into exile.

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