Prossy Bonabaana, RNC Executive Member, replies to Rutabana’s Family.

The terrorist Rwandan National Congress (RNC) has in its ranks one Prossy Bonabaana, its fast and loose lady. She claimed that her ‘official’ husband (a Congolese Munyamulenge) disappeared to get 15 minutes of fame as a reward thus pretending to be an activist of some sort.

Bonabaana, of Rwandan origins, is also part of the RNC cabal of Banyarwanda in Uganda that delight in persecuting, harassing and tormenting fellow Banyarwanda. In conjunction with the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, they torture fellow Banyarwanda as part of CMI/RNC’s anti-Rwanda strategy, and also as a forceful recruitment method. Her other boyfriend, Col. CK Asiimwe is the deputy director of the Military Intelligence Agency (CMI) responsible for the illegal detention in secret cells of hundreds of innocents Rwandans who refused to join RNC.

Her fellow RNC member, Ben Rutabana, disappeared in Uganda at the hand of Frank Ntwali, the RNC Commissioner who happens to be one of her lovers. This was revealed by Rutabana’s family and his wife in an appeal to RNC to release Rutabana. Bonabaana’s reaction was swift.

She rubbishes all appeal to Uganda saying Rutabana is not Ugandan and therefore not Uganda’s problem. Her mind baffling logic owing to Rutabana’s nationality, Ugandan are pushover and they should not allow questions about Rutabana’s whereabouts.

Could it be that, in their obscure logic, foreign nationals have no rights in Uganda?

Bonabaana’s ‘missing’ husband was a Congolese national, does it mean the only government that should be concerned is the DR Congo government although the latter disappeared on Ugandan soil? Given her very close relationship with those who Rutabana’s family accused and appealed to; her letter, is a cold reminder to all those fooled to join the RNC-CMI terrorist enterprise.

The terrorist enterprise will not only use you and dump you in a whole where no one will find you, they will also unleash an immoral characters like Prossy Bonabaana to dance and taunt your grieving family.

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