Chimpreport Masquarades As Regional Spokesman

Generally, Chimpreport has disturbing ‘analysis’, but in setting its sponsor’s narrative of the Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI), they will go the extra mile in ridiculous fiction. In their obituaries of an unknown Mai Mai leader, they forget to specify which of Mai Mai group is said to have lost its leader. Shockingly, in their story titled, “ANOTHER MAI MAI COMMANDER KILLED BY BANYAMULENGE IN MINEMBWE”, they come up with some unbelievable claims to serve CMI’s interest in Congo.

The online outlet, after proclaiming that one Ngomanzito was killed, labeled as a Mai Mai rebel leader in their story, quickly moves to say that the Banyamulenges are serving as a buffer zone to protect Burundi. The unbelievable statement is quickly followed by an even wilder one, “Tanzania and Uganda to take action as they remain the guardians of Burundi’s democracy.” If the ‘Banyamulenge’ buffer zone fails. Chimpreport and the article’s sponsor hold absolutely no value for Banyamulenges who they volunteer to serve as a ‘buffer zone’.

The Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence has for several years used Banyamulenges as pawns in their games, this was while Museveni’s half-brother Gen. Salim Saleh looted Congo blind of its riches. He did so with the full knowledge of Museveni using institutions like the Ugandan Military Intelligence. They are now using their names once again to advance their hostile policies against Rwanda.

In their search for an RNC base in East Congo to launch attacks on Rwanda, they send forced recruits and militia in Congo to masquerade as Banyamulenges. Recently, their criminal enterprises to implant in Congo was dealt with massive blows with rebel Leaders killed – Captain (rtd) Sibomana “Sibo” Charles of RNC and Gen. Mudacumura Sylvestre of FDLR – and others such as Maj (rtd) Habib Muthatiru facing trial after extradition from the battlefield to Rwanda.

After volunteering the Banyamulenge community, Chimpreports throws in Tanzania and commits it to defend Burundi. The CMI sponsored piece is so desperate to set a warmongering tone that they try to implicate others. This ploy to hide from the real hard questions such as why all regional negative forces converge in Kampala or why FDLR, RNC, RUD and other P5 anti-Rwanda militias captured seem to be traceable to Kampala; will not fool anyone. Tanzania, the Banyamulenge, Burundi and most Mai Mais have their own spokesperson!

Chimpreport should talk on behalf of CMI or Museveni who sponsors them.

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