Cheap “Spyreports” propaganda can’t turn Burundi’s problems into Rwandan issue

Spyreports is another disoriented Ugandan propagandist troll site on the mission to mud-sling Rwanda. In their deliberately created confusion, cooking up false stories all the time, they are trying to mesh Burundian issues with Rwanda’s. On its Facebook page, the troll site insinuates that RED Tabara is a “Rwandan trained and logistically supported rebel group” that allegedly has been “fighting alongside Rwanda’s Special Forces and Mai Mai rebels.”

They add that all this is in order “to commit human rights atrocities against Banyamulenge” in South Kivu, DRC.

We know why these trolls and others sponsored by Ugandan intelligence services such as Commandpost, Chimpreports and so on are obsessed with smearing Rwanda, concocting supposed atrocities and attempting to stick it on Kigali. Their proxies in DR Congo have been dealt a fatal blow. RNC ragtag rebels faced a rout that finished them mid this year, and the remnants are in Kigali, answering for their crimes.

That is what is paining the Museveni regime so much – Kampala’s plotting with Kayumba Nyamwasa to destabilize Rwanda (so that Nyamwasa can be Museveni’s puppet ruler in Kigali), has been hammered irreversibly!

All they have remaining is rumormongering. But who doesn’t know the atrocities Museveni’s forces and his proxies such as RNC and FDLR have been perpetrating on eastern Congolese populations? Looting at will? But with a new administration in Kinshasa, their criminal enterprise is over!

Therefore, slandering Rwanda is all they have. Now they are trying to name Rwanda in Burundi’s messes, a frivolous scapegoating exercise.

First of all, it is not Rwanda that forced 400,000 Burundians into exile. It is Burundi’s Nkurunziza who created a situation of severe insecurity in his own country. That’s public knowledge. The fellow massacred tens of thousands of people, in full view of cameras.

When he forced himself upon Burundians and people resisted, Nkurunziza massacred them. So, logically, how can Burundian violence now be turned into a Rwandan issue? Only Kampala propagandists can try such a stunt!

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