Nyamwasa prophesies doom, yet he is the doomed one

On his Facebook Page where he usually spews his bile against the Rwandan leadership, Kayumba Nyamwasa alias RPF Gakwerere was trying out his newly found passion – that of being the prophet of doom.

As a prophet of doom, his mind is always spinning, dreaming of apocalypse and, as always, terrorist Kayumba’s subject of his dreams is Rwanda and her leadership. Since an idle mind is indeed the devil’s workshop, Kayumba Nyamwasa’s betrays a mindset a mindset always wishing bad things to befall Rwanda.

Having waited too long with nothing happening since his forces were dealt a deadly blow in recent times, the terrorist has lately resorted to concoctions of false tales.

While people were out at Church praying for salvation this Sunday, Nyamwasa, alias “RPF Gakwerere” was busy echoing genocidaire Theoneste Bagosora, he of “apocalypse” infamy, on his Facebook page. He was “prophesizing’ and calling out to imaginary Rwandans to ‘watch out for the months of November and December’, quoting information from an imaginary ‘J3 middle ranking military officer.’

But you can understand the man, after what has befallen him lately. You cannot expect him to remain sane! In his post on Sunday he brought out his true colors by giving a hint of what made him fail as an RDF officer. He brings out his divisive nature, which is the very reason his RNC terrorist outfit has been rocked so violently recently that the aftershocks have reached his benefactor “#Exhibit1510”.

Before he threw in the towel and fled the country, it is known that the fugitive had attempted to divide the army into cliques, to serve his inherent selfish ends.

The terrorist still talks about imaginary ‘networks’ within the RDF.

Perhaps he should consult a dream interpreter who would most probably inform him that he has conveniently turned the prophesy the other way around, because an apocalypse is looming for all enemies of Rwanda and their supporters, and that he should anticipate it sooner than later.

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