Evil Nyamwasa After Allegedly Killing Rutabana Now Wants Canary Mugume killed

On his Facebook page fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa aka “RPF Gakwerere” is inciting violence against a Ugandan journalist.

“NBS TV’s Canary Mugume, a Rwandan agent fueling hooliganism at MUK”. No one, except the fugitive, knows what the journalist has done to him. Knowing the evil fugitive, he is using Mugume’s name for only one reason – to drag Rwanda into his smears. The South Africa-based head of the RNC terrorist group perhaps wants his patron “#Exhibit1510” to recognize that, yes my boy Nyamwasa is looking out for me, by identifying my enemies. Including in the media!

The callous fugitive knows the violence the regime of his chief sponsor has meted out on journalists in Kampala that still retain their professional integrity – i.e. truth tellers.

Going by fugitive Nyamwasa’s utterances, Canary Mugume’s crime appears to be that he is correctly calling Ugandan security organs what they are – gunmen who terrorise and murder Ugandans. This was after the Ugandan military was deployed at Kampala’s Makerere University to violently quell student protests against a fraudulent increase in tuition fees.

NBS and its brave journalists have been the subject of attack from Museveni’s mouthpieces and security apparatus for covering and exposing police and army brutality against Ugandan citizens.

Nyamwasa hates their guts, and is asking his master not to take any prisoners in curtailing their media freedom. Nyamwasa acts even more bereaved than Museveni himself! This again show what kind of “leader” he is. It is no wonder that he is falling out even with fellow goons in his terrorist outfit, such as Jean Paul Turayishimiye his “spokesperson”, who has resigned.

Before that, the world has seen how the wife of Ben Rutabana is demanding the fugitive’s group to produce her husband who has been missing almost two months now. The family is sure the evil Nyamwasa has already killed Rutabana.

As a parting thought: it really says a lot about the Museveni regime how someone like Nyamwasa can be inciting violence against Ugandan journalists trying to do their job in in their country! What emboldens a fugitive, that isn’t even a citizen of that country, enough to threaten its journalists?

The wonders of the regime of “#Exhibit1510” never cease!

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