RNC Weed Smoking Propagandist Boot licking Museveni On EAC Affairs

David Himbara, the RNC weed-smoking propagandist, has run out of smear to write on Rwanda. Paid to tarnish Rwanda by the Ugandan regime, the only fabrication he can now come up with is EAC (East African Community) related. With his sponsor Museveni (aka Exhibit # 1510) keen on being crowned the first “President” of EAC, Himbara now writes lies that Rwanda is blocking the EAC head of state summit.

Museveni launching an “EAC Constitution” consultative meeting

In an official communication, the ministry of foreign affairs of Rwanda indicated that the summit was canceled at the request on a member state to President Kagame who currently chairs the EAC Head of State Summit. What Himbara forgets is that President Kagame was unanimously elected by his peers in EAC to head the block; his fiction that Rwanda called off the meeting because of tension between Rwanda and Uganda, is as wild as his sponsor’s dream of becoming the “President” of EAC.

Bootlicking and fueling paranoia are two tools that Himbara has mastered. Indirectly, he hopes to comfort Museveni with false praises that EAC loves him while Rwanda has issues within the community. Reality lies elsewhere, Uganda has issues with all its neighbours in EAC, they are involved in trade stalemates and border disputes with neighbours and reports even indicate that Museveni supports armed militias in South Sudan. With Rwanda, Museveni hosts all types of violent outfits and supports them in their shared mission to destabilize its security.

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The RNC weed-smoking propagandist does not care for the truth; his objective is to tarnish Rwanda at any cost. For those interested in the actual cause of the postponement, below is the official letter leaked by hostile Ugandan media as part of their smear campaign against Rwanda. Accidentally, their leak provides clear evidence that the meeting was called off as a result of a member state (other than Rwanda) asking for a postponement to President Kagame.

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