The disgraced Doctor Gedeon Rugali starts new docket with fury and panic

The recently unmasked RNC Commissioner for communications and media in the Ugandan Province Executive Committee, Gideon Rukundo Rugari, is venting and fuming. He is busting out in flames as his recent election to the RNC post was made public. His response is a vicious attack on Rwanda and its security sector, which he blames for the leak.

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The revelation hurts him severely as he also happens to be an aspiring MP candidate for Ndorwa West on an NRM ticket. In 2003, the polygamous doctor sold his soul to CMI after they caught him smuggling drugs to a armed militia (PAR), at the time he had fled CMI to Rwanda. He worked out a deal through Elly Tumwine, the Ugandan Minister of Security, and Sabiiti Muzeeyi, the Deputy Inspector General of the Ugandan Police, who both promised him to help his political ambitions of becoming the Ndorwa West MP.

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They lied to him, he just doesn’t realize it. He was recently fired for indiscipline and the two Uganda regime officials refused to help him. Now he struggles to feed his polygamous family and will obviously not manage to raise funds for a campaign. The fall back plan he had was to act as their representative in RNC, directing communications (anti-Rwanda propaganda) to benefit the Ugandan regime for a few CMI pennies. Rugari was supposed to be on a secret mission but his cover was blown with a leak of the entire “RNC Uganda Province Executive Committee”.

After the leak that named him as the defacto propaganda in chief in what they called a “Uganda Province” committee, he put up a spirited defense with the help of all CMI trolls. He denied being in the committee in a Chimpreport interview. In yet another interview on the same day to Titus Seruga ( a fellow CMI troll) his response was “am Ugandan, why would I fight to remove Kagame in the first place”, he claimed that he had business of fighting Rwanda yet barely 24 hours later posted a hostile propaganda against Rwanda. The leak was so embarrassing that even the Ugandan government spokesman issued a denial that RNC was operating in Uganda, a fact that Museveni previously confirmed in an press conference and in a letter.

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Rugari’s revenge strategy is to create the biggest most vicious lie. The clumsy surgeon actually makes his case worse in defending the RNC terrorist leader Kayumba Nyamwasa. It would seem that after his denial that he is the RNC Commissioner for Propaganda, he realized that no one believed him and therefore opted to do his RNC job publicly.

The post attacking Rwanda and its security sector, his so called “How DMI work”, is so RNC that his boss —Kayumba Nyamwasa— would be proud. It contains all key talking points of the RNC including Genocide denial, Terrorism promotion, Defamations etc…

Gideon Rukundo Rugari has nothing more to loose, he lost his integrity, his lost his job, and now lost his cover. The only salvation he seeks is to secure his reputation that he is the most anti-Rwanda voice online, that way, hopefully, CMI will continue to send him some money.

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