CMI sponsored Nuwamanya, the self-appointed Burundian government spokesperson

In his usual Uganda village primary school written grammar, Sulah Nuwamanya, the RNC propagandist in Kampala, is writing to warn the world that ‘tough Burundi’ is angry!

On his Facebook, the man who, upon failing in his responsibilities, abandoned his family and 4 children (who are now being attended to by the Rwandan government in Kigali) to go and stay permanently close to his concubine Prossy Boonabaana, has now appointed himself the Burundian government PR.

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In his usual incoherent English post, Nuwamanya talks of Burundi’s protest about imaginary ‘aggression’ like it was some kind of war ultimatum by a nuclear power.

He talks of Burundi’s consideration of the option of ‘self defense’ as it was a God given option only bestowed on Burundi.

However, Sula’s English grammar handicap does not allow him to put to us clearly how Tanzania is related in Burundi’s protest, but we will never know for sure because these are mere fabrications.

Before we have time to digest this, he takes us to DR Congo, where he informs us that the ‘Congolese leader has transferred top commanders’ on suspicion of compromise. He gives the reason as imaginary ‘Rwandan operations in DR Congo’. The confused RNC Propagandist deliberately hides that Uganda’s People Defense Forces (UPDF) has been present in DR Congo looting its resources for decades.

Ofcourse this is because his CMI bosses are opposed to the regional military operations proposed by the DR Congo leader himself to rid DRC of militias including those supported by the Corrupt Museveni regime. But the Congolese leader is determined to see this through, and no self-interest entity will stand in his way.

If anything, Burundi should be the last to send protest notes about aggression, because they have enjoyed impunity and tolerance for way too long.

Nuwamanya should be reminded that Rwanda had enough provocations from Burundi; militias invade Rwandan territories, loot, kill and withdraw to Burundi but Rwanda has never raised such red alarms.

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