December 2, 2019 Virunga Post

By Patience Kirabo

Since the arrest last week of Jackie Umuhoza the daughter of Deo Nyirigira, a chief agent and recruiter and national cordinator for the “Uganda Province” executive committee of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC , the Kampala propaganda machine has been churning anti-Rwanda vitriol, 24/7. The usual assortment of Ugandan intelligence-sponsored websites – working in tandem with fellow travellers on Facebook like Seruga Titus, “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere”, David Himbara and others – have pounced on the incident to make it seem Rwanda has turned into a gulag.

That is what they usually do, but their cries following Umuhoza’s arrest are unusually, and exceptionally loud.

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Why are they so agitated? Also, they fail to see the trap they are laying for themselves with questions liable to come up such as: what business is it of theirs if law enforcement authorities in Kigali arrest a citizen of Rwanda (and not of Uganda)? The woman was arrested, law enforcement was open about it, disclosed where she is being held, and in due course she will face trial.

How is this a concern of the Ugandan regime?

For anyone looking for some clues, plenty are to be found in an article published late last week on the Softpower website, run by Sarah Kagingo – one of the chief Museveni regime propagandists. The piece, as ever laden with claims they fail to back with evidence, runs under the headline: “Rwanda admits holding Jackie Umuhoza, one of kidnapped pastor’s daughters”.

Other than the lying title (how is it a “kidnap” when law enforcement arrests a suspect with a warrant, and discloses it publicly?), the article is shot through with a discernible panic, pointing to one thing: their Kigali agent has been intercepted and they probably are scared more of their secrets will be compromised!

Softpower and all the others are putting up a deafening noise to deflect from the fact the woman arrested (in all probability) works with Kampala in its goal to destabilize the security of Rwanda. Tell tale signs are everywhere, even on her social media accounts.

She is a cheerleader on Twitter for Ugandan First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba, a Ugandan general in his ambition to inherit the presidency. That aligns with the Kampala power structure’s evident goal dubbed “the Muhoozi project”. Even more intriguing is the fact Jackie Umuhoza is one of the few accounts on Twitter that Muhoozi follows.

What is the lady doing playing footsie with a first son, and a general in an administration whose leadership is in bed with groups that have even perpetrated several terror attacks in her country? The Ugandan misinformation specialists are dead silent on that.

Another thing they hope everyone will overlook is the fact Umuhoza’s family in Uganda – her father Nyirigira; her brother Felix Mwizerwa – are RNC operators, at the highest levels. Nyirigira’s AGAPE Church of Mbarara practically is Base One for recruitment of RNC rebel fighters.

Readers of the news by now will be familiar with the incident in December 2017 when Uganda Border Police at Kikagati intercepted 46 Kinyarwanda-speaking young men, all who had forged papers. Under interrogation they confessed they were RNC recruits headed to the rebel group’s training camps in Minembwe, eastern DRC. They also confessed it was Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) that provided them the forged papers.

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Police at the time did not seem to be aware of CMI’s complicity in the matter. It simply did its job and charged the men with acts of terrorism.

Felix Mwizerwa was on the scene with those 46 men and soon found his way to Minembwe, DRC, as commander of the RNC rebels.

With a family like Umuhoza’s, and with her own activities on social media it becomes clearer why Softpower and the others are ratcheting up the noise. They work for Ugandan intelligence, and their goal is the same as the Nyirigiras’.

Softpower and the others keep pretending Nyirigira is some kind of angel. They do so evidently to cover for him. The fact show this “Pastor” merely is an old crook. He fleeced his congregation of millions of francs then fled to Uganda and into RNC activities.

Nyirigira was living in Nyamirambo in 1996 where he started the AGAPE evangelical church. But the man got into trouble when church members exposed him for misusing tithe contributions for his personal businesses and luxurious lifestyle. He couldn’t explain where millions of the church’s money had gone when members demanded accountability.

When he learnt investigators were on his case he fled, to Mbarara and re-started there – but this time with his church doubling as a front for RNC recruitment. He hates Rwanda because he was investigated for embezzlement and corruption. If Softpower knows this man’s background, they are very careful not to mention it.

They instead choose to dredge up the canard, through endless innuendo that the president of Rwanda somehow is responsible for the death of Rwandan hero Fred Rwigyema. It is a lie only the most morally bankrupt people are capable of perpetrating, and repeating, many indignant Rwandans fume.

People that were with the late Fred the fateful day he lost his life – where President Kagame was not, being away in the US on a military course – have repeatedly recounted the tragic events, and anyone that cares for the truth has accepted it. Truth has never been in the interest of disseminators of Ugandan regime misinformation.

Their main interest is weaponizing Rwigyema’s death; turning it into another thing to demonize the Rwandan with.

They do not stop there. Jumping to another issue they hope to bludgeon Rwanda with, Softpower asks why Kigali allegedly refuses her citizens to cross the border but “allows travellers on Rwandair to go to Uganda”. These people are seriously hurting from “the border issue”, laughed a reader.

The claim is tendentious one that disregards the differences between ordinary citizens that use border crossings, i.e. the ones most likely to be picked on by sadistic Ugandan border authorities who then mistreat them, tear up their papers, concoct charges of “illegal entry”, then lock them up. That can’t easily happen at airports.

Even CMI wouldn’t turn Entebbe into a focal point for daily violent abductions.

The lie factory never stops.


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