Kampala propaganda pushes more faux stories on Rwandan treason suspect

December 4, 2019 Virunga Post

By Alain Mucyo

Jackie Umuhoza, daughter of RNC’s Deo Nyirigira.

One of the main Kampala propaganda organs Chimpreports – which is known to be run under the direction of CMI’s anti-terrorism director Col. CK Asiimwe – last Sunday published an article titled: “Umuhoza’s Story, the Price of Opposition in Rwanda.” It shows once again how obsessed Ugandan intelligence media are about Jackie Umuhoza who was taken into custody last week, on Wednesday.

Puzzled commentators have been asking: what business is it of Kampala’s when a suspect is arrested in Rwanda, who is a Rwandan and not a Ugandan?

Umuhoza, according to Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), is being investigated on charges of espionage and treason. In a tweet sent out mid-last week, RIB confirmed she is being detained at Remera RIB station. However, before the woman has been produced even for an initial court hearing, Chimpreports has appointed itself the arbiter in Rwandan matters and pronounced that she is being “politically persecuted”.

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They then cite a number of unconnected cases that have been adjudicated in Rwandan courts while others are still ongoing, to validate their claim.

The website says Umuhoza is being politically persecuted because of her father, “Bishop” Deo Nyirigira, whom they call an “activist and a member of Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a diaspora based opposition movement”.

But every Rwandan knows RNC. This is no “political opposition” or “movement”. It is a terrorist organization whose agents have perpetrated terror attacks with grenades in Rwanda that killed a total of 17 innocent people and left about 400 others with injuries. Deo Nyirigira is a chief recruiter of this terrorist organisation, and was recently appointed coordinator of RNC’s “Uganda Province”.


Chimpreports then brings tries to mislead readers that two sisters of Jacqueline Umuhoza, who were arrested briefly and later freed, are being “harassed” and invents a scenario to support this allegation.

But during investigations those close to you are possible sources of collusion, which explains why the sisters were taken in for questioning, but later freed.

Why would RIB only keep one of the sisters? An objective reporter would have wondered.

The other question the reporter could have asked is, the three daughters of Nyirigira have been living and working in Rwanda for years, even after their father’s links to the terrorist group became public knowledge.

Why then arrest one of them after all this long? There are just no logical lines to be found in these anti-Rwanda propaganda articles. Objectivity is of no interest. They simply have an agenda to push. One is to sanitize RNC; the same group which enjoys significant support from CMI and other Ugandan security organs as has been reportedly exposed, including by former victims of its torture.

Rwandans that have been through horrors such as CMI’s dungeon at Mbuya Barracks have described how their torturers are fluent Kinyarwanda speakers. They are the RNC agents that work hand in hand with Ugandan military intelligence to abduct random Rwandans.

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Also analysts are convinced Ugandan propaganda is blowing a lot of smoke to obfuscate one thing: a Ugandan regime mole in Kigali has been found out. They are worried, and apprehensive what more of their secrets she will tell. They are frantically writing all these fictions to preempt whatever damaging information will be made public, according to observers.

On the other hands, people wonder when Chimpreports and others like Sarah Kagingo’s Softpower, or “Spyreports” will write even one paragraph about the hundreds upon hundreds of Rwandans illegally incarcerated in Uganda, i.e. with no arrest warrants, no judicial processes, nothing.

“When will these shameless liars ever ask these?” an indignant reader asked.

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