Nyamwasa plays “passport games” with the help of CMI-sponsored media

December 10, 2019 Virunga Post

By Jackson Mutabazi

RNC leader Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa.

In a story headlined “African court directs Rwanda to reinstate Nyamwasa’s revoked passport”, Chimpreports – a leading propaganda outlet of the Kampala regime – goes an extra mile in playing advocate for the head of the RNC and his henchmen.

In the lengthy piece Chimpreports – which is controlled from Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI), by the director in charge of counterterrorism Col. CK Asiimwe – parrots the claims of Kayumba Nyamwasa and a few fellow fugitives in claims before the African Court of Human Rights that “Rwanda has denied them their rights by invalidating their passports”.

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The website reports that the court has “ruled in favor” of the Nyamwasas, that “Rwanda’s decision to invalidate the passports of Nyamwasa, Nuruddin Gihana, Frank Ntwali, Safari Stanley, Etienne Mutabazi and Epimaque Ntamushobora was a violation of their rights.”

Chimpreports writes that the Court said, “Rwanda had provided no proof that its action to invalidate the passports was based on the Applicants’ (i.e. the Nyamwasas) use of the passports in an inappropriate manner.”

The Court appears to have made selective use of an article in the Rwandan laws of immigration and emigration to buttress this argument. The laws of Rwanda in their entirety contradict it.

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They state that the Director General of Immigration and Emigration may refuse to issue a passport or any other travel document to a person when he or she is subject to an arrest warrant issued in Rwanda, or is prevented from traveling outside the country by an order of competent judicial authority. Also they say the Director may deny one a travel document on reasonable grounds to suspect that the applicant is engaged, or likely to be engaged in activities that might prejudice the security of Rwanda, or of a foreign country.

Nyamwasa and all in his group fit the bill to a T.

Chimpreports quotes some articles of the Rwandan law, out of context, while pretending that these others do not exist. To anyone aware of this website’s line, it is hardly surprising. Its sponsor, the Kampala regime, also is the sponsor of RNC, a terrorist group and others like it, with the mutual goal to destabilize Rwanda.

RNC, FDLR, RUD, FLN, all in the so-called “P5” grouping of which Nyamwasa is the main actor have engaged in some of the following activities:

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Their agents in the recent past have detonated grenades in open spaces in Rwanda that killed up to 17 people and injured over 400. They have been trying to recruit any young Rwandan they can kidnap, forcibly and through torture, into their rebel group. Working with CMI operatives, they have abducted untold numbers of Rwandans in Uganda, illegally detained, and tortured them. They have been behind armed incursions into Rwanda, such as the recent attack in Kinigi that killed 18 people and injured a number of others.

Nyamwasa and the others meet the textbook definition of people whom not only their passports should be nullified, but who should be arrested by countries that host them. Uganda is their sponsor, so it can’t arrest them.

Observers however wonder about the African Human Rights Court’s reported pronouncements in favor of Nyamwasa (assuming Chimpreports isn’t completely inventing this story, as it habitually publishes so many anti-Rwanda fictions). What does that court say about the human rights of the hundreds of Rwandans that Nyamwasa’s group has killed and countless others they’ve physically and psychologically tortured?

On the other hand, this is a court that some have called “a tool of neo-imperialist control”. That is because, they say, it is clearly open to be taken advantage of by even the most criminal elements in the guise of “political rights”; “human rights”.

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The RNC leaders and officials are a prime case in point. Nyamwasa and others have pending international arrest warrant against them.

But according to this court, Article 5(3) of the Protocol (establishing it), read together with Article 34(6) provides for individuals “regardless of their status and the nature of the crimes they are alleged to have committed, or to have been convicted of.”

In other words, even Bagosora would have a right to sue Rwanda in this Tribunal!

However, there is another hidden game behind the pro-Nyamwasa article in Chimpreports, other than sanitizing and advocating for the fugitives. These people may be imagining that they are laughing at Rwanda.

They know that there is no way Nyamwasa and all the other individuals are being serious in alleging they have been deprived of their “rights as Rwandans”, and demanding their canceled passports be re-instated. They know their demands are a joke given the nature of their crimes. Taking Rwanda to the court is just a game, and a gimmick to draw attention to themselves.

The Ugandan passports that all RNC, FDLR and other leaders hold are enough to get them wherever they need to go. The Kampala regime cannot deny that it provides officials of all its proxy groups in the “Kigali regime change project” diplomatic passports. Pictures of the one Kampala issued Charlotte Mukankusi, a top RNC official surfaced mid this year. Just like earlier ones of Ignace Murwanashyaka of FDLR.

Nyamwasa and his friends will always have renewed ones delivered to their doorsteps.

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