RNC Conflicted Gideon Rukundo’s nightmares about Rwandan Generals

The disgraced, confused, polygamous and pseudo surgeon, Rugari has developed an obsession with Rwanda military officers. Much as tarnishing Rwandan leadership’s image puts food on his table; people should expect more of his senseless and melodramatic posts.

Gideon Rugali is hired by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) under direct supervision of its boss Brig Gen Kandiho who coordinates the regime’s media campaigns to smear Rwanda. For Rugali having once been on CMI most wanted list, he has to cook up anything about Rwanda to justify his relevance to the regime.

Rugali should be reminded that it’s only in Corrupt Museveni regime where Generals are untouchable; unlike Rugali’s admired UPDF generals, RDF’s generals are professional and disciplined officers who never engage in any sorts of criminalities. It’s worth recalling how UPDF’s Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga shot singer Catherine Kusasira’s car and other wanainchi’s trucks carrying timber (Read More). Conflicted Rugali further takes inspiration in Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza, the Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi; we all remember how he assaulted a female traffic Police officer on her duty when she stopped him from violating traffic rules (Read More).

One wonders why the Disgraced RNC propagandist Rugali, a Ugandan who also vies for Ndorwa West Parliamentary seat (on the ruling party ticket) picks so much interest in Rwanda; the answer is, Rugali is a terrorist working for RNC, a Ugandan regime backed terror group that has openly declared war on Rwanda.

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