The Museveni RNC Army Commander, Kayumba Nyamwasa now luring Banyamulenge into RNC

In a spirit of fear and panic, the leader of RNC terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa never ceases to come up with false accusations about Rwanda’s presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In his Facebook post, terrorist Nyamwasa alleged that Rwanda has been attacking and killing Banyamulenge communities in North Kivu.

Terrorist Nyamwasa who is the commander of the Museveni ragtag RNC army believes that by alleging Rwanda’s attacks to Banyamulenge would win him their support as he struggles to recruit militias into his failing mission to subvert Rwanda.

Fugitive Nyamwasa keeps pushing his sponsor Museveni’s narrative that Rwanda Defence Forces are in DR Congo attacking Banyamulenge yet his RNC and the P5 coalition militias have been wreaking havoc the mineral-rich nation.

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Museveni sponsored RNC army and the P5, an alliance of the anti-Rwanda rebel groups that includes FDLR, FLN, and RUD-Urunana, had set based in Congo and today, they have no assurance of their future plans since FARDC(DRC army) has started attacking their bases and managed to kill some of their top commanders such as Mudacumura, Musabyimana Juvenal and others while thousands of their rebels continue to surrender.

Terrorist Nyamwasa and his sponsor Museveni are under pressure following Kinshasa leadership’s decision to cooperate with regional stakeholders in the formation of a joint operation to neutralise rebel groups with bases in the Congolese jungles that have been destabilising the region.

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With all this happening for Terrorist Nyamwasa to survive, he has to fabricate all sorts of lies to cover up the mess that he and his bankroller have created in DR Congo.

Pressure continues to pile on Museveni and the commander of his RNC army Nyamwasa as the regional joint operation ready to launch an attack on their proxy militia groups that have been disrupting the region’s peace for decades.

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