Misinformed Titus Seruga (aka Serubwa) pushing CMI lies on the Luanda MoU Ad Hoc Commission.

Titus Seruga was lied to by his paymaster the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). After the Luanda MoU Ad Hoc implementation committee meeting in Kampala, CMI grossly misinformed its Belgium based mouthpiece in Seruga, aka Serubwa.

The confused troll who failed to secure asylum in Belgium based on a sexual orientation claim, went on to believe that the Ugandan side came out victorious when in fact the Ad Hoc meeting was a massive embarrassment for the Kampala regime . His CMI bosses — Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe as did not tell him that in the Ad Hoc commission meeting, Rwanda presented irrefutable evidence. The Ugandan side was so out of their depth that they proposed a secondary commission. In the meeting, they were faced with evidence including the Museveni’s regime support for armed militia, proof of their social media propaganda against Rwanda and their undeniable illegal and arbitrary detention of innocents Rwandans.

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In the press conference following the Ad Hoc commission Sam Kutesa, the Ugandan Minister of foreign affairs, acknowledged that the Rwandan delegation presented confidential information on groups operating in Uganda against Rwanda and promised that his side would investigate. That’s all the Minister could come up with as he was still shell shocked by the mountain of evidence against his regime.

Usually, Kutesa is masterful in wiggling himself out of tricky situations. In one case, Museveni and Kutesa each took a $500,000 USD bribe from one Patrick Ho. Ho was convicted in New York for bribing Exhibit #1510 (Yoweri Museveni) and #1514 (Sam Kutesa). They both came up with a lame excuse that they thought it was charity money. Since then, Kutesa doesn’t travel to the US.

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In September, during the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Commission, Rwanda provided Uganda with a list of innocents Rwandans illegally detained in Uganda. It was agreed that due process would be used to either charge or release Innocents Rwandans. The absurd kidnapping by CMI were to stop but instead it increased. Since September over 90 new cases of arbitrary arrests were reported.

Point 1 reads “Rwanda provided a list”

The meeting was proof that the Ugandan regime had done nothing since the September meeting others than delaying the follow up meeting by not sending out invitations. And when their delegation hopes for a walk in the park with lengthy diplomatic lingo (in a communique) to say that nothing was done was refused by the straight talking Rwandan delegation; they were left breathless.

Unsurprisingly, Serubwa’s handlers —Kandiho and CK Asiimwe— opted for lies to save face. The Facebook mouthpiece is now busy repeating a lie that only makes his side even more ridiculous.

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