CMI-RNC Propagandists’ rush to defend their Coordinator Philemon Mateke won’t hold

As Rwanda National Congress Uganda Province Executive Committee members rush to Philemon Mateke’s defence with different lame alibis concerning his position as corrupt Museveni’s point man in the Rwanda destabilisation grand scheme, their efforts only serve to inadvertently confirm Mateke’s culpability.

With defenders like disgraced Museveni’s lapdogs Gideon Rukundo Rugali and Sula Nuwamanya Wakabirigi, Philemon Mateke should never have been involved in subversive plots against another country.

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The two fellas are not only incapable of defending someone else but also they can’t defend themselves because of their extremely dented credibility. While Sula Nuwamanya is an adult body powered by a 5-year old brain, Gideon Rugali is a conflicted individual who needs serious psychological help; it says volumes that his main personal obsession right now is a seat in the Ugandan Parliament.

Fearing to sound retarded by posting his own defence presentation, Sula Nuwamanya posts a defence from Mateke himself: “Throughout this whole saga between the two countries, only one of the parties has been the adult in the room, carefully, painstakingly diplomatic ethos in handling some of the outlandish accusations and behaviour from the other side. The other side on the hand has a social media troll as its chief negotiator, a propaganda wannabe whose ambition seems to be to topple Joseph Goebbels as history’s most infamous liar.”

Of course Mateke had to refer to the evidence of him being in constant contact with the FDLR and RUD- Urunana terrorists ‘outlandish.’ At his age, like his corrupt paymster, you don’t expect Mateke to grasp the ‘magic’ that is modern technology, where Rwanda ‘possesses the powers’ to know about conversations they were not part of.

In the process of Rugali’s weak attempt at playing Philemon Mateke’s apologist and attorney, he accuses the Rwanda delegation of lying during the recent meeting in Kampala. But while making these lying accusations, Rugali lets out one of the worst kindergarten lies of all time.
“………I happen to have been one of the people who got attacked by the virus, which resulted in serious consequences, although, my life was saved. I did receive assistance from WhatsApp though…” well, well, we know Rugali as a juvenile attention seeker, but we have failed to understand how the phone virus ‘resulted in serious consequences that prompted WhatsApp to save his life! The conflicted Rugali dodges telling his readers that his life was actually saved by Rwanda when he fled the regime; CMI was looking for him over his treasonous crimes of working with anti-Museveni rebel group. This also confirms Rugali as a man badly in need of mental rehabilitation.

The Mateke apologist also, in the old terrorist’s defence against the evidence produced by the Rwandan delegation during the Kampala meeting, Rugali said: “evidence produced was one that anyone could make up: DMI knows the old man’s phone number, therefore they can do many things with it to incriminate him….” In essence, Rugali would like to suggest that by merely knowing Mateke’s phone number, it is Rwanda that used it to communicate with the FDLR and RUD Urunana to coordinate the Kinigi attack! Rugali also thinks Rwanda is interested in Philemon Mateke’s job and therefore is making the allegations to influence Museveni to dismiss him. And then what?


In the next paragraphs of his ridiculous ‘analysis’ on why he thinks Minister Mateke is being targeted, Rugali delves into the old terrorist coordinator’s ethnicity as a reason for his ‘targeting’ by Rwanda, and even talks about corrupt Museveni’s grand project of ‘meticulously building the region into “one nation under God”. This begs the question, why would Rwanda single out a frail and ailing Minister in Uganda for isolation and ultimate ‘elimination.’

First and foremost, Rwanda has never been known to be unpragmatic, and this would be unlike Rwanda. Not even the most incompetent witchdoctor would ask for Mateke’s blood, of all people, to perform protection rituals for anyone. The old man’s blood is laced with evil spirits itself. But Rugali has to make a presentation as he seeks attention from his master, as a man ‘who knows the Rwandan ways.’

It is understandable that the RNC Uganda Executive Committee members must defend corrupt Museveni and his gamble with destabilising Rwanda, but they must desist from insulting Rwanda’s intelligence. Rwanda stands for the truth, and always substantiates every accusation it makes. This has been the case in this ongoing Rwanda-Uganda crisis. The strong evidence produced at the different forums pinning Uganda in the Rwanda destabilisation saga can only be rebutted and discredited through informal and sneaky avenues, by using goons like Gideon Rugali and Sula Nuwamanya, not through the mainstream channels, for the sole reason that the evidence is overwhelming and indisputable.

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