Self-proclaimed “PR Expert” Terrorist Nyamwasa diverting attention as his RNC breaks into pieces

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa has failed to come to terms with the current heat on social media rebutting his nonsensical posts; he can’t believe that his lies are being debunked by ordinary citizens, some of whom were victims of his greed and divisive nature.

While wanting to appear as if he is giving a lecture on PR Dos and Donts, terrorist Kayumba comes out sounding comically ridiculous. While the truth is that his head is twirling from the barrage of rebuttals coming from ordinary Rwandans on social media who are eager to put him in his place, he would rather attribute this to the Government in order to satisfy his ego.

As the terrorist tries to be a ‘PR expert’ advising the Government of Rwanda on how to do PR, he comes out as if he is complaining that the RNC is receiving free publicity, which they don’t deserve. One would be led to speculate that the disgraced fugitive is trying to undermine his own terrorist outfit, because only recently he posted chastising the opposition, referred to the P5 terrorist grouping as ‘incompetent and lack of focus “opposition”.

Nyamwasa is now advising Rwandans not to give ‘free publicity’ to them, instead of encouraging this, since they can’t afford their own PR anyway. The question is, is the terrorist quitting or is he being forced out as a result of incompetence? Obviously, things have not been the same since he and his RNC family members assassinated one of the top executives of the terrorist outfit.

Terrorist Nyamwasa claims he is happy to be getting ‘free publicity’ while he is advising the same to be denied the terrorist grouping. Not that we miss the reverse psychology in the statement, because if he did ‘appreciate’ the ‘free publicity for himself’, he would ‘let the sleeping dogs be’ and continue being the happy recipient of the ‘free publicity.’ But perhaps we would be expecting too much from the dunderhead.

In admission of his lack of substance between his ears, the confused fugitive writes in praise of his fellow terrorists, but in actual sense he is as well unintentionally telling us is that although he is the leader, he still remains the least intelligent of the group, because he goes for the ‘minions’ every day.

By attacking the character and person of staff in the Presidency, yet he calls them ‘minions’ is enough to tell who the disgraced fugitive really is. No wonder the RNC is in disarray, it is because of Nyamwasa’s inherent divide and rule nature, lack of brain power to lead and by consequence, lack of the general capacity of leadership.

Terrorist Nyamwasa claims there are ‘different social media accounts and a social media team under criminal Rwandan Head of state’s office which has specialised on reactionary evil behaviours’ in order to accord himself and fellow terrorists undue importance.

I am sure the President’s Office’s Communications Office has far much better things to deal with than waste even a second of their time reading, let alone reading the rubbish posted by terrorist Kayumba and his fellow losers.

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