Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, a man of fake prophesies

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is a man who has lived through conspiracy all his life and creating conspiracy theories only comes naturally to him. For several years now, he has been concocting conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, prophesying an apocalypse for Rwanda, and attributing the same to imaginary groups within Rwanda.

Seeing that people have started to ignore him and dismissing his theories and day dreams, he has lately started to sound desperate, even providing timelines for his fake prophesies to try and grab attention and strike fear in the hearts of Rwandans.

However, instead of sounding convincing, Rwandans consider his posts on his RPF Gakerere Facebook page as rants of a desperate man, a terminally discredited and disgraced fugitive.

When fugitive Kayumba is not disputing positive statistics on Rwanda’s sectorial performance published by the IMF, World Bank and other reputable global institutions; the desperate fugitive is prophesying disaster for Rwanda. Pretending he is a secret recipient of inside information on Rwanda’s intelligence, the terrorist wishes to spread lies and negative information with the objective of creating fear in the hearts of Rwandans so that they may flee the country like he did.

The cynic wishes to see Rwandans going back to live as refugees, by making them believe that something sinister is about to happen. The good news is that Rwandans love their country and have unshakeable faith in their leadership and are well aware that the terrorist’s ill intentions are nothing but selfish.

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