CMI Sponsored mouthpiece Spyreports scores cheap anti-Rwanda points

One of the many CMI sponsored propaganda outlets, Spyreports as expected, is using the shooting of the smuggler to score cheap anti-Rwanda points, using lies and concoctions.

The anti-Rwanda mouthpiece has chosen to take past unrelated speeches and spin them out of context, erroneously relating it to the shooting of smugglers.

In their cynical spin, Spyreports want to draw sentiments by trying to glorify criminality, thereby condemning action taken.

The pro terrorist outlet (on CMI payroll) talks of anger by the neighbouring communities and invokes the tired ‘we helped you’ blackmail attitude. If anyone should use that attitude between the two people, and justifiably so, should be Rwanda. But decency does not allow them. Even if you helped people to liberate themselves, must they tolerate lawlessness on their territory? For how long?

Spyreports is encouraging the spoilt kid tendencies, by suggesting that smugglers, violent ones at that, should be encouraged to do so with impunity.

You cannot support terrorism, with senior government officials deeply involved, like the Kinigi incident and expect criminals using illegal entries to be treated with kid gloves. The tolerance threshold was lowered big time.

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