RNC Terrorist Sulah Nuwamanya Praising “Ayatollah” Nkuruziza

The Irresponsible Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi, who deserted his wife and children to work for the terrorist militia Rwanda National Congress (RNC), is now a self-anointed regional commentator praising “Ayatollah” Nkurunziza of Burundi.

Nuwamanya is scratching his head in an equation of how to get some of USD 553, 000 retirement package given to Nkurunziza. With a legendary immorality, Nuwamanya will kiss anything for money. He looses his head as soon as he hears money. When he heard about Prossy Bonabaana and RNC money in Kampala, he ditched his wife and four children without a penny to become Bonabaana’s toy and boyfriend.

While Rwanda’s social security is paying for his children school fees and medical care, he gladly continues to prostitute himself to any anti-Rwanda quarter desperately hoping for some money. Typically in Supreme Leader Nkurunziza land, weekends are dedicated to propaganda walks and manifestations to praise him. Sulah should ask Bonabaana for a plane ticket and dash to Bujumbura for special Nkurunziza bootlicking mission.

Once in Bujumbura, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi might even get lucky and expand his list of girlfriends and anti-Rwanda friends willing to give him money. As a member of a terrorist militia, traveling to Bujumbura would also spare him from publicly praising the ruler of a regime suspected of crimes against humanity, he would get the chance to do it secretly!

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