Rwandan Family persecuted in Uganda returns home

A Rwandan family of five that lived in the Bunyoro region of Uganda has returned home after suffering persecution and dispossessed of all their belongings.

Elias Manushimwe, his wife Emerance Iradukunda and their three children had lived in Uganda since 2017. Of recent, Ugandans started seizing their yields and were constantly being told to leave Uganda and go to cultivate in their country. Despite working hard for their children Manushimwe and Iradukunda lost everything to a gang of men who works with Ugandan Police and Ugandan authorities in persecuting Rwandan nationals in that area.

Authorities in Uganda are also spreading toxic propaganda that whoever attempts to use the official border will be killed; they encourage everyone who intends to go to Rwanda to use a porous entry. Ugandan authorities are also tightly watching any person who is returning to Rwanda and ensure they don’t take any money or property with them.

Manushimwe and Iradukunda had close to UGx 800,000 which they lost to Ugandan authorities who told them that they can’t take money to Rwanda.

The persecution of Rwandan in Uganda has escalated by multiple folds. Even women, children and the elderly are beaten up, locked up and the lucky ones are dumped on borders with Rwanda.

Worst, others are killed and secretly buried by Ugandan authorities. Rwandan buses are regularly stoned while on the highway. In recent shocking cases it emerged that babies have been separated from their mothers and disappeared.

Mothers are dumped at the border and violently thrown out of Uganda without their babies. Kayirere Julienne, a mother separated from her child, has been looking for her baby Joanna Maniranzi since September 2019. Sadly, even some survivors of torture have succumbed to injuries sustained during their long arbitrary and illegal detention.

Ugandan regime shows no sign of stopping the persecution of Rwandan nationals on her soil; this violates both the East African Community treaty on free movement of people, goods and services as well as the Luanda Memorandum of Understanding.

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