In his mental mess, Terrorsit Nyamwasa exploits to Tarehe Sita celebrations to slander the Rwandan leadership

Terrorist Kayumba’s mental illness has gotten worse. The disgraced fugitive has completely lost it.

Hear this out and judge for yourself if this terrorist doesn’t need emergency psychiatric help: he recently posted on his Facebook Page, where he hides as Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere as a manifest of his cowardice, congratulating the Ugandan army upon celebration of their 39th Tarehe Sita anniversary.

This should have been normal, by any circumstances. However, the terrorist tends to think that the celebration of the 39th anniversary by the UPDF is a problem to Rwanda.

Reading the post, you are forgiven to wonder whether terrorist Kayumba is now an officer of the UPDF. But then, if you are in the know of ongoing in the recent past, you will know the reason why.

In his mental instability, terrorist Kayumba thinks Rwandans may have any qualms about the UPDF, or any other Ugandan institution for that matter, celebrating whatever anniversary they feel like.

Rwanda is not in the business of interfering in the affairs of other nations, just like Rwanda is averse to other countries interfering in her affairs.

In his mental mess, Kayumba Nyamwasa is now behaving like a toddler trying to suck up to an adult in order to earn favours and approval.

The terrorist is only trying to use Rwanda as a pawn in his endeavour to keep Uganda for his fallback plan, after things started looking bleak, left, right and centre.

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