Cheap Lies By Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi Exposed

Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi, the heartless terrorist that abandoned his four children and his wife to join a terrorist organization, is a congenital liar. Hoping to draw some form of moral equivalence for the treatment his sponsors, the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), gives to innocents Rwandans; he distorts key facts about the deportation of a Ugandan.

Mr Ivan Peter Egessa, a Ugandan National was deported by Rwandan immigration and handed over to Ugandan Immigration at Mirama Hills ( see deportations order below with the Ugandan immigration stamp). Moreover, Mr Egessa’s case shows how a legal deportation is carried out unlike the ritual dumping that Rwandans suffer for Ugandan officials.

Deportations order with the Ugandan immigration stamp

Nuwamanya lies further by stating that Mr Egessa was an “unwanted person” when the Rwandan Immigration declared him a “prohibited” immigrant. (See articles below)

Lastly, as Sulah Nuwamanya seems to be determined to delve in immigration matter, perhaps he can clarify a few points regarding innocents Rwandans held by CMI:

  • How many more coffins should Rwanda expect under the cover of darkness?
  • When will Ugandan authorities officially notify Rwanda of the death of Emmanuel Magezi?
  • How many have they sent for psychiatric treatment as a result of the brutal CMI torture?
  • And finally, how many have they secretly buried?

As he masquerades as a human rights activist, the CMI sponsored online noisemaker will not answer any of the questions above. The reason is simple, he cannot bite the hand that feeds him. Unfortunately for him, however, his rubbish article on immigration matters highlights the cruel and criminal manner in which Rwandans are treated.

If the hundreds of innocents Rwandans were given Egessa’s treatment (dealt with legally and humanely), the Uganda-Rwanda border would probably be opened; something which his sponsors pray for frivolously.

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