Kampala sponsored Anti-Rwanda channels attempts yet again to sabotage Rwanda-Uganda talks, peddle a false narrative on Angola

One of the most vicious CMI sponsored propaganda rags, Spyreports, and its hired contributors like Charles Kambanda, Kayumba Nyamwasa (aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere), Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi, Gideon Rukundo Rugali and Titus Seruga have yet again resorted to usual distortion of facts and inventions aiming at disrupting the ongoing peace process facilitated by Angola and the DR Congo.

Charles Kambanda, also known as Sex-for-Grade Professor as per his lack of ethics before he was fired at the former National University of Rwanda; should be the last person to lecture anyone on international disputes resolution, trust, legal procedures or anything. Ever since Uganda’s CMI put him on the anti-Rwanda desk payroll; the conflicted Kambanda, a convicted Genocide revisionist and denier whose grudge on Rwanda dates back long ago; uses Kampala sponsored mediums to unleash his hatred and all sorts of rubbish to slander the Rwanda and its Head of State.

In what seems to be a pre-emptive warning that Uganda may be contemplating pulling out of the Luanda agreement, CMI-RNC’s Spyreports is alleging conflict of interest, ostensibly because Angola, one of the quadripartite nations party to the agreement, is ‘close to Rwanda.’ The reasons offered by the CMI mouthpieces are ridiculous.

First and foremost this incoherent rants were originated from Eugene Gasana, a well-known henchman and close ally of Kayumba Nyamwasa, the leader of Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a Kampala based terror outfit that has vowed to sabotage the ongoing peace process aiming at normalizing relations between Rwanda and Uganda as facilitated by Angola and DR Congo. Gasana who shuttles the region for RNC mobilization and recruitment, has been feeding falsehoods to different media outlets across the region in efforts to tarnish Rwandan leadership’ image.

All businesses mentioned here are legit businesses in accordance with both countries’ laws but still desperate anti-Rwanda elements fought so hard to twist what is publicly known to serve in the quest to tarnish Rwandan Head of State’s image as they have always done.

Secondly, it looks as if they are only realizing now the facts that Luanda is in Angola. Two Luanda Summits and adhoc implementation meetings later, the handlers of CMI-RNC sponsored mouthpieces like Spyreports and Co are now scratching their heads, wondering why the mediation efforts had to be taken ‘tens of thousands of miles away from Uganda and Rwanda.’ They are also questioning whether there is ‘any significant socio-economic or political connection between Angola and Uganda or Rwanda.’ In a clear qualm about the spirit of Pan Africanism, the conspiracy suggests that the East African Community would have been the natural and logical choice for the mediation meetings.

Their attempt to prove their ‘conflict of interest’ theory is even more unfortunate. They desperately and foolishly try to thread together unrelated falsehoods, cherry-picking Angola as their case study. It is like DR Congo is not involved at all. The post makes unsubstantiated allegations about business links between Rwanda and Angolan business people, in an apparent desperate attempt to insinuate that the mediation efforts were taken to Angola at the request of Rwanda.

This is part of the broader cynical narrative driven by the RNC and pockets of resistance within the Ugandan leadership, trying to throw a spanner in the works, in order to stop the normalization of relationship between Uganda and Rwanda. When you read the post as they try to lend credence to their distasteful theory, the fiction becomes apparent. For example, while they talk of one Alex Bayigamba in one instance, they talk of Alex Bayingana as the same person, playing the same role in their malevolent theory.

The irony in all these gripes is not lost on us, neither is the juvenile ‘cat ate my homework’ excuses conveyed by the post by Spyreports (plagiarized on all anti-Rwanda channels). First, it shouldn’t matter that mediation efforts were hosted in Angola, Egypt, Madagascar or Morocco. What should be of importance is the fact that it is held in the spirit of finding African solutions to African problems in the broader Pan-African context. The whining and suspicions regarding ‘bad faith’ and ‘good faith’ should not be featuring anywhere in a serious matter like this one that concerns the support and facilitation of terror organizations as well as the abduction, torture of innocent citizens of an African nation by another.

While there could be some validity in questioning why the mediation was not held in East Africa, we all know that nobody would blame the EAC nations for not wanting to be involved in this, owing to the fact that they would not want to be accused of bias, because the violations of the tenets of the East African Community are obvious and the offender is obvious: President Museveni!. Hence the very conflict of interest that Spyreport’s handlers have used as the excuse to vilify Angola as the alternative host. Also, East African leaders can clearly see the dishonesty on the part of Uganda, after adamantly and deliberately blocking vital East African Community projects where Rwanda is involved; add these to the impeccable evidence backing Rwanda’s accusations against the Ugandan leadership.

Well, the bad news is, the change of heart might be a tad too late, because Uganda has already admitted culpability and after it was exposed too much. It serves Uganda better to implement and get all this done with and out of the way. The only safe avenue, as the situation stands, is to be good boys and see the implementation through to the very end. The region and indeed the entire world is watching with a lot of interest. Bowing out, for whatever excuse would be disastrous for the region, but particularly the people of Uganda. It is incumbent upon the Ugandan leadership to ignore the evil voices hoping to escalate the crisis for various selfish reasons, and look at the greater good of the region.

Everyone can see clearly attest that Rwanda did not create this crisis, and the fact that Rwandan leaders have graciously agreed to talks is indicative of the country’s interest in seeing a united and prosperous East African Community.

As for the pretentious suspicions on Angola, we know that it is mere claptrap because the mediation process is not an election where the ballot may be rigged in favour of one party; this can only be argued by dim-witted bootlickers like Sex-for-grade professor Kambanda and his team.

Nobody is blindfolded and carried to the talks. The MoU drawn, read loudly and anyone is allowed to dispute the inclusion of issues they may not be comfortable with. The only suspicion here is the fact that these noises about Angola are coming out quite later in the process. Where have you been? Why didn’t you advise President Museveni to mention if it was Burundi or anywhere else he wanted? We are not fools.
On the contrary, Angola and DR Congo would be the best choice as mediators, because as mentioned, the Pan African spirit and African solutions and also they may be more objective owing to the fact that they may not have first-hand background to Museveni’s dishonesty and tongue-in-cheek dealings

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