Before the Border Opens, #FirstThingsFirst

The much-anticipated Quadripartite (Rwanda, Angola, DR Congo and Uganda) Heads of states summit on the Luanda MoU in Gatuna at the Rwanda-Uganda border have just made the much-anticipated announcement. Rwanda will reopen its border if within One month Uganda can prove that Anti-Rwandan hostile activities and operations have stopped in Uganda. The decision is that after verification within the next month, a summit will be called within 15 days to normalize relations between Rwanda and Uganda.

Cross-border traffic was brought to a standstill as a result of a series of hostile policies by the Ugandan regime. It persecuted innocent Rwandans in Uganda in a scheme to oblige them to join hostile groups plotting to destabilize Rwanda. These hostile groups, terrorist militias like RNC, RUD-Urunana and MRCD-FLN, had been enjoying support from the Ugandan regime via its Intelligence Services such as ISO and CMI.

Hostile groups registered fake NGO’s like Self Worth Initiative (SWI) run by Sulah Nuwamanya and Prossy Bonaabana and operated via fake religious organization like AGAPE Church operated by Deo Nyirigira. Innocent Rwandans living in Uganda suddenly found themselves hunted down for refusing to join these subversive groups. Hundreds of innocent Rwandans were arbitrarily arrested, detained incommunicado, tortured and some dying as a result.

The government of Rwanda responded quickly with diplomatic notes and protests but fell on deaf ears, later Rwanda took the decision to issue a travel advisory to protect its citizens. Ever since the Quadripartite first met and signed the Luanda MoU, the main point of contentions have been the persecution of Rwandans in Uganda and anti-Rwandan hostile activities in Uganda.

The Summit has given one month to Uganda to deal with RNC, SWI, AGAPE, RUD-Urunana, etc…


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