Edge-Ug, the Kampala based anti-Rwanda mouthpiece shoots itself in the food

The Ugandan Police sponsored propaganda machinery edge-Uganda (www.edge.ug ) accidentally highlights how efficient the Rwandan judiciary and security sector is. Edge, a media outlet operated by Rogers Atukunda and funded by the Ugandan Police, claims that Rwanda is holding three Ugandan businessmen. They claim the businessmen were crossing the border to visit their relatives in Nyagatare district. The businessmen in questions are Bosco Nkwasiibwe, Dauliano Orikurungi, and Siliaco Orishaba. What edge forgets to mention is that the three businessmen were arrested on the 21st of February 2020 and released and went back to Uganda on the 23rd of February 2020.

Hostile sponsored media from Uganda are so used to the unprofessional conduct of their paymasters that they assume other security agencies behave like them. For almost three years, Ugandan security services have been arbitrarily detaining incommunicado hundreds of innocent Rwandans in “safe houses” where they endure torture, and even death in some cases.

Bosco Nkwasiibwe, Dauliano Orikurungi and Siliaco Orishaba were treated professionally, Rwandan authorities conducted expeditious and thorough investigations. Their treatment should actually be an example to the Ugandan Police and other security agencies in Uganda like CMI and ISO. Suspects should either be charged or released.

Edge, by highlighting the three Ugandan businessmen case, captures exactly what Rwandans have been asking for, assuming rule of law still matters in Uganda; charge suspects in courts of law or release them. But this remains alien to Ugandan judiciary.

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