Rudasingwa in PARMEHUTU colours as he swindles the Genocidaires

Part one

Rudasingwa Theogene aka REDCOM is a world-class conman who changes colors and shapeshifts constantly to suit his need. He marks his potential victims, studies them carefully and then begins a seduction campaign. He is known to be extremely arrogant and opportunistic in all his projects. In a bizarre Kizito Mihigo memorial ceremony organized by Hutu extremist networks (JamboNet and Institute Seth Sendashonga) in Belgium, REDCOM was the guest speaker who flew all the way from America.

For those who know fraudsters, Rudasingwa gave away his con game barely 5 minutes into his grandiose speech to a crowd of MRND-PAREMEHUTU extremist ideology worshipers. The fraudster (an RPF deserter, and a former senior RNC member) introduced himself with a long list of credentials as a member of the Rwanda Truth Commission and Rwanda freedom movement and kept on emphasizing that he wanted justice for Hutus as a former member of the Tutsi ruling elite. In the Q & A session, he asked, “who amongst you was a member of MRND [The ruling party and architects of the 1994 Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda]?” The entire group lifted their arms up. His audience from JamboNet and Institute Seth Sendashonga are in reality MRND followers operating under different names. REDCOM knew his audience, as any professional con, he had studied it carefully.

The Hutu extremist needed a Tutsi in the room, other than the picture of Kizito Mihigo who had survived them in the 1994 Tutsi Genocide; they called in Rudasingwa as décor in their macabre ceremony. Rudasingwa, who would do anything for money, confessed that he too did not know Mihigo. In fact, throughout his speech, he seemed to have difficulties recalling Mihigo’s name but instead talked about the “joint project” he had with JamboNet and Institute Seth Sendashonga. The project is to combine efforts to tarnish the image of Rwanda and specifically to do everything possible to sabotage the Commonwealth Heads of States and Government meeting in Kigali. They hope to achieve this by writing letters and petitions.

The PARMEHUTU die-hards had paid for his trip and for a show; they wanted a disgruntled con to say what no one believes when they say it. In their bigoted ideology, they needed Rudasingwa for his past and for his ethnic affiliation. I doubt they know his past, if they did, they would have spared their genocidal money. He took them for a ride pretending to care and love their ideology that wants him dead. He completed his show with a four points conclusion so ill-prepared that he ended up getting lost in his count. They should have done some research on their guest speaker, Rudasingwa is not just a con, he also happens to be notoriously unreliable.

In Part 2, we share who the fraudster they hired really is and given an explanation as to why he is called REDCOM.

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