RNC crawler Obed Katureebe appoints himself a spokesperson for “Tutsi Genocide Survivors”

Obed Katureebe’s Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook Page is for rent. It is not surprising that he is a hired mercenary himself.

Having run out of nonsense to post since his master Museveni caved in under the weight of overwhelming evidence of his support to terror outfits and harassment, torture of innocent Rwandans, he is renting the page out to like-minded individuals and groups willing to vent psychological baggage.

A group wishing to masquerade as ‘Tutsi genocide survivors’ have posted on the mercenaries page, pretending to be more aggrieved than the family of Kizito who have since laid their family member to rest and moved on.

By requesting for a ‘joint international investigation’ into Kizito’s death says a lot not only about their malevolent intentions but also that they are grossly ignorant.

First of all, the group cannot claim to speak for survivors of the Tutsi genocide because there are recognised organisations at the local and international level that speak on behalf of the survivors.

Second, had they been a legitimate grouping, they would be in the know by now that an investigations has already been conducted by a competent and credible organisation, the Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) and their findings were handed to the Rwanda National Public Prosecution which announced them to the public. RIB did what was expected and went beyond preliminary findings by the Rwanda National Police in whose custody the deceased committed suicide and conducted investigations.

It is now widely understood that Rwandan institutions are responsible entities, enjoying high levels of trust from the Rwandans they serve who have come to trust them for doing the right thing without waiting to be prompted of ‘requested.’

For this group to claim that they harbour suspicions even after the release of the investigations results to the public says a lot about the group’s suspicious status.

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