Obed Katurebe (RPF Gakwerere)’s Wrong predictions on Rwandan cabinet reshuffle

Obed Katureebe’s obsession with Rwanda has exceeded his CMI wage limit. He has appointed himself among the experts of Rwanda, who brags to the world that he can predict what will happen in Rwanda ‘with precision.’

For convenience, he has been predicting a governments reshuffle for the past few months. This is because he knows for sure that Rwanda is a dynamic nation that is always on the move. Due to this nature, reshuffles are commonplace once in a while, because Rwandans believe that change is an inevitable catalyst for growth and prosperity. And this principle has been paying great dividends for Rwanda and her people.

RNC crawler Obed Katureebe is now bursting the internet bragging like a conflicted teenager that his predictions came to pass, that a reshuffle did happen as he had predicted.

The truth is, anyone knows, just like Obed Katureebe, that reshuffles are a constant feature in Rwanda, just like in any efficient leadership system, in both public and private entities. His antics are just like predicting that if an expectant woman does not deliver a boy, the other option would be a girl! That is why the people he ‘predicted’ would feature in the reshuffle were nowhere among those mentioned.

Since he knows he can never see any such movements in his master Museveni’s constipated government system, he spends his office hours speculating about Rwanda’s leadership manoeuvres. Pray, let him tell us when the reshuffle in his master’s banana republic will happen, and let him tell us whether Philemon Mateke, Elly Tumwine, Abel Kandiho and the other cancers in the constipated system will go, or will stay on as usual.

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