UCC’s Obed Katureebe’s obsession with Rwanda has him dreaming of talking to a Rwandan General

Obed Katureebe, alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, the vicious anti-Rwanda propagandist embedded within the Uganda Communication Commission, UCC, is infatuated with lying to people that he is in the know of what transpires within Rwanda. Signing the fictions he posts as ‘corporal’ to hoodwink his readers to give an impression that he is the recipient of inside information from Rwanda, Obed Katurebe’s daily assignment is to create fictitious stories about the Rwandan leadership and the its army Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF).

Most of his stories are actually aimed at diverting the attention of Ugandans from the problems facing them, including poverty, lack of healthcare and education infrastructure, insecurity and unemployment, among other ills of Museveni’s 34 year misrule of Uganda.

Ironically, while many Ugandans, including the highly educated, are on the streets of Kampala and other Ugandan cities for lack of employment, Obed Katureebe occupies a senior Government position and earns millions in monthly salary and benefits, for doing nothing apart from posting a few daily Facebook paragraphs full of distortions and lies about Rwanda.

As his master Museveni faces an uncertain future as ruler of Uganda, CMI troll Obed Katurebe is frantic about predicting doom for Rwanda. This deflection tactic should be seen as a reflection of the state of denial in Museveni’s camp, to portray confidence that his empire of evil is unshakeable, in spite of glaring indications that he faces an unprecedented challenge from Ugandans whose perseverance has been stretched thin by his incompetent rule. His challengers have been joined by his own general and former security minister and head of intelligence.

As he signs off for the day, Obed Katurebe tells readers that an imaginary ‘general’ in Rwanda has supposedly given him ‘more info on the assassination of gospel singer Kizito Mihigo’ and promised to share tomorrow. That’s all he needs to do in a day to earn millions of impoverished Ugandan tax payers’ money. But he definitely would not end his post without mentioning Mihigo, whose demise apparently was a big loss to his master Museveni and the terror outfits under his sponsorship, including RNC, FNL, RUDI –Urunana and the like.

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