CMI-RNC propagandists orchestra attempt to sanitise their rapist Eugene Gasana

The cynical camaraderie that exists between the anti-Rwanda mafias defies human conscience. The way they jump to each other’s defense without even giving it a flicker of thought tells a lot about the moral fiber that constitutes their collective character. The anti-Rwanda orchestra gets so absorbed in playing victim that they always hide their gross transgressions. However, they forget that the earth is made of glass.

RNC senior member Eugene Gasana is a wanted man. The Supreme Court of the State of New York has put out a public notice summoning him over alleged rape that took place in a New York hotel. To make matters worse, Gasana committed the crime while serving as Ambassador to the UN. Like a pack of wild dogs, the anti-Rwanda mafias are trying to declare him not guilty even before he appears in the summoning Court.

Ironically, Charles Kambanda of the sex-for-grades infamy is leading the ‘not guilty’ choir in defense of Gasana, and yet he is the same pretender who always wants to push down our throats that he is a ‘legal expert.’ The pedophile appeared on the anti-Rwanda propaganda radio recently, where he is always contacted to make legal opinions whenever the anti-Rwanda mafia needs to spin anything out of legal context.

According to the impostor legal expert, the New York court is working in cohorts with Rwanda, purportedly to tarnish the image of Gasana. It is funny how the legal conman always tries to mislead his gang that depends on him for legal guidance. For lack of any legal substance, Kambanda for the conman that he is, always gets them something they know will satisfy their anti-Rwanda appetite. And as it looks, the anti-Rwanda mafias have swallowed Kambandas legal lie, line, hook and sinker.

However, they may fall in the comfort zone for now, relishing the “I-got-your-back” assurance from the legal, but they will not wish away the legal battle lying in wait. The case is real and Gasana had better prepare to answer for his crimes, because he knows he committed the rape, and no amount of sanitization and spinning can take that away.

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