PARMEHUTU maniac Philemon Mateke still undone with loathing Rwandans

Ugandan regime sponsored tabloid Chimpreport’s extraction of the Museveni’s 24th of February meeting with all anti-Rwanda forces continues. Giles Muhame, sponsored by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), is still using his hateful rumor mongering site to provoke Rwanda.

It is his way of making sure that Sarah Kagingo, Softpower owner and CMI fund distributor, keeps bringing him CMI cheques. Muhame uses the meeting to indirectly relay provocations from the Ugandan state house. Initially, the meeting was reported as a meeting with Prossy Bonaabana and Sulah Nuwamanya, RNC members disguised as humanitarian activists, but later on turned out to be a general meeting with all Anti-Rwandan forces.

Chimpreport would not dare offer direct quotes of the Ugandan President without his green light. The consequences of misquoting him or quoting him without his authorization would be dire for Giles Muhame. This is particularly true when quoting Museveni war talk in the Rwanda-Ugandan crisis. This makes it clear that Chimpreports is running sponsored provocations.

With the Gatuna/Katuna summit, Uganda had agreed to rid itself of all hostile anti-Rwandan militias within a month. This was to be followed by a verification of Uganda’s measures against terrorists organizations. Instead, they are now using Chimpreports to backtrack and undo what Museveni signed in the Luanda MoU meeting.

RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana terrorists are well entrenched in the Uganda regime. Yet the Ugandan economy has lost over $300 million because of them and desperately wants to reestablish trade with Rwanda. The Ugandan regime solution is to use cheap outlets like chimpreports to provoke while pretending to be of good faith in Heads of States Summits.

Ultimately, it is the Ugandan economy — Traders, exporters, transporters, etc— that bare the cost of these games. If the Ugandan State House values terrorists more than businesses in Kisoro, Kabale and other parts heavily affected by the Rwandan travel advisory, then they should just say so. With Ugandan elections around the corner, they will surely discover how limited Chimpreports’ fake explanations are.

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