CMI trolls warned by Obed Katurebe on covering Gen Biraro’s mysterious death as they continue exploiting Kizito Mihigo’s suicide

For Uganda Communication Commission’s (UCC) Obed Katureebe, whoever serves his nation with dedication, patriotism, and due diligence is satanic, retarded and out of their mind. Understandably, these values are foreign in the Government that he serves. For centuries, but most especially in the last 34 years, Ugandans have not known real leadership. All the citizens have been exposed to is injustice, corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and all other ills of governance.

But since he has to justify his paycheque, Obed Katurebe has to project those ills on Rwanda, especially in matters where the RNC, which is a protégé of the Ugandan leadership, has vested interests. Mihigo’s death has been a constant feature in Obed’s posts on his Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere page. His death by suicide, apparently was a very big blow to the coalition of the P5 terrorist outfit that includes RNC, FDLR, FNL and Mateke’s RUD-Urunana, all led by chief terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa.

By extension, the death was a huge loss to the Ugandan leadership, which is why they have sought to exploit it to the last spin even after Kizito’s family denounced their concoctions on his death. The death of retired UPDF General Benon Biraaro due to poisoning passed unnoticed by the Ugandan regime, yet it has been all systems go for the death of Kizito Mihigo, a mentally disturbed Rwandan who decided to cut short his life.

Antoinette Mukamusoni was Kizito’s preferred lawyer all through the series of his transgressions; from conspiring to harm the Rwandan head of state by collaborating with subversive elements to attempting to breach conditions tied to his Presidential Parole. As Kizito Mihigo’s lawyer, Mukamusoni was among the last people to meet him before he committed suicide. She was therefore the best placed to satisfy the curiosity of whoever wanted to know what could have prompted Kizito to commit suicide.

In the comfort of knowing that his lawyer was the only buffer between him and a lengthy prison sentence, Kizito was able to speak freely and candidly with Mukamusoni, and she was even able to pick his body language and emotions, things that not even his family were able to. That is what Mukamusoni shared to the press, hoping that in addition to the findings of the RIB, this would bring about closure and quell unwarranted suspicions. But out of convenience and habit, Obed Katureebe and his masters have maintained that the death was a result of foul play. Aspiring Presidential candidate and former intelligence chief, Gen David Sejusa Tinyefuza assejusa recently exposed the reason why senior Ugandan officials, police and army senior officers have been dropping dead like there was a deadly epidemic sweeping the top Ugandan leadership. Poison.

Tinyefuza revealed that after senior army, police and cabinet members discovered the lingering source of death, they have resorted to carry their own chappatis and water bottles in their coats to avoid being poisoned and die ‘due to multiple organ failure.’ The case is different in Rwanda, where leaders and the people they lead are not suspicious of each other because they share the common mission of transforming their country. By claiming foul play in Kizito’s and other deaths when they occur in Rwanda, it is because Obed and his masters are so used to political assassinations that they can’t imagine anyone dying from other causes. They are dead wrong on Rwanda.

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