Just like for Ben Rutabana, CMI and Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa are responsible for Gendarme Rwema’s disappearance

If wishes were horses, Obed Katureebe and his masters at the Ugandan state house and CMI would have wished Rwanda out of existence. But alas! Theirs will only remain that – wishes. On his Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere anonymous Facebook Page, Obed Katurebe has been consistent in peddling his masters’ evil wishes on Rwanda, but luckily, as they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Obed Katurebe has persistently attempted to relate one Gendarme Rwema to Rwanda, but says he disappeared from Uganda. While advancing outlandish claims, he fails to tell those reading his posts how he assumes Rwanda is in charge of security of Congolese nationals visiting or living in Uganda. Obed alleges that the said Gendarme Rwema was kidnapped from Uganda ‘by DMI operatives’ and taken to Rwanda for torture. Only those familiar with Obed’s projection tactics will understand that he actually did not make a mistake that he meant to lay those claims on Rwanda, and not Uganda because the words ‘kidnap’ and ‘torture’ have become synonymous with Uganda’s intelligence organisations, especially CMI and ISO. Thousands of innocent Rwandans who have suffered torture and kidnap at the hands of the dreaded CMI can testify. But Obed is fond of projecting those crimes to mislead the world that it is ‘DMI’ (whatever he means by this, because it doesn’t even exist in Rwanda) and not CMI that commits them.

CMI troll Katurebe goes ahead to single out Rwandan army and Police senior officers who he alleges were involved in the said kidnap of Gendarme Rwema, and that they will be ‘asked’ about the disappearance. If anyone should be ‘asked’ about disappearance in Uganda, it should be Abel Kandiho, Kaka Byagenda, Terrorists Kayumba Nyamwasa (RNC operatives) and the other criminal Ugandan intelligence operatives. It would not make any sense, at whatever angle you look at it, for Katurebe to even suggest that Rwanda security officials should be responsible for the security of Ugandans and people living there.

Reader should be reminded that this Rwema (husband to RNC activist Prossy Bonabaana) was recruited by Terrorist Nyamwasa’s operatives and sent to Minembwe, Eastern DR Congo where RNC has been training militias with Ugandan regime’s support to attack Rwanda.

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