As public gatherings are banned to curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), CMI’s RPF Gakwerere lauds Uganda’s inaction

Like his master Museveni, CMI troll Obed Katureebe of Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere (on Facebook) has refused to accept the fact that Rwanda is not Uganda because the two countries are not Siamese twins.

Far from it. There may be some similarities among its people in regard to culture and languages, but certainly not in what concerns the leadership trajectory. The differences between Rwanda and Uganda are like night and day. It is therefore wide of the mark to try and draw parallels between Rwanda and Uganda in relation to governance.

The CMI social media mercenary wishes to see Rwandans operating in the same kavuyo (System Volongodo) that has become synonymous with Uganda. He is merely expressing the sentiments of his master Museveni, when posts in a bitter tone, to protest the fact that Rwanda is taking due precautions to curb Coronavirus (COVID-19) and, like the country always does, to protect its citizens.

To Obed the CMI troll, Rwanda’s decision to ban public gatherings as recommended globally is a ‘pretext:’ “while night revelers and party goers were enjoying one of the greatest shows ever staged by a Ugandan female music artist, Cindy Sanyu; in the potato enclave the satanic regime was busy cancelling shows under the Pretext of Coronavirus (COVID-19).” It is clear which of the two countries, Uganda and Rwanda, is a failed state. While countries all over the world are discouraging huge gatherings like concerts and conferences in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus, Uganda is caught napping.

It is quite unfortunate that someone from the Uganda Communication Commission should be celebrating Uganda’s inaction instead of protesting it. But then, since the man has to justify the CMI pay cheque, he would even betray his own mother if he had to choose between her and the cheque. It is typical of him to lament about lost revenues by the organisers of the events in question, forgetting about the loss of valuable lives (including those of the organisers) and state resources in the event that an infected person happened to attend the concert and spread it to the thousands of revelers.

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