Uganda regime tabloid Spyreport’s Volongoto Analysis and fairy tale on Rwanda –Uganda military confrontation

Bob Atwine’s Facebook page Spyreports Uganda, which also happens to be CommandPost, is desperately trying to brew tensions between Rwanda and Uganda to sustain their Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) paycheques. They are so desperate that they now offer a fairy tale that Rwanda is about to attack Uganda from Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan.

Fact is Spyreports is a CMI sponsored mouthpiece paid to write anti-Rwanda smears in their ongoing anti-Rwanda campaign. There is evidence that CMI passes money to Atwine via Sarah Kangigo –Owner of Softpower– to publish the fakest analysis. Generally, they try to create paranoia with their rumormongering but this time, with their most recent fallacy, Spyreports embarrasses itself with a crazy lie. Their claim that Rwanda, or any other country for that matter, can use its forces deployed on a peacekeeping mission to attack another country is unthinkable. When one considers that Uganda, Central African Republic (CAR), South Soudan and Rwanda have no common border, their allegation makes no sense and is simply madness.

It would be like saying that the UPDF soldiers deployed in peacekeeping mission in Somalia are planning an attack on Kigali, or that UPDF deployment in Somalia is a tactical move to surround Kenya. The idiocy of such logic is so farfetched that is laughable. It is a childish analysis at best; they forget that troops sent to peacekeeping missions are actually under the command structure of the receiving organization i.e. UN or AU. Atwine’s childish analysis goes further with insinuation that personal relationships in the management of the African Union outweigh key principles. The Uganda regime mouthpiece is under the illusion that international relations are ran in a vologoto manner as NRM has been doing with Uganda for the last 34 years.

Spyreport should do the effort of selling believable lies, luckily for them Abel Kandiho (CMI’s Boss) will not bother reading their unbaked lies; if so, he would certainly ask for a refund.

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